One famous Hollywood celebrity is sharing his American pride – in a touching dad-to-son kind of way. For Memorial Day, actor Chris Pratt ( Guardians of the Galaxy , Jurassic World ), taught his 2-year-old son Jack the Pledge of Allegiance – and captured the moment on camera. The May 27 Facebook video , with almost 2 million views and more than 85,000 likes, shows the two saying the pledge in front of the American flag. Standing on a house porch, Pratt instructs his son to repeat the pledge after him. “Good job!” he figh-fives Jack afterwards. “Meant to post... continue reading
The truth about recycling according to a waste disposal company may come as a shock. It is “unprofitable,” according to Waste Management (WM) CEO David Steiner. On May 28, Steiner told CNBC’s Squawk Box that recycling had proved to be “unprofitable” and his company has stopped investing in recycling operations. WM revenues were down 10 percent just because of losses from recycling, according to Steiner, even though this only represented a small fraction of the company’s overall business. “And we all know what happens when it becomes unprofitable: people don't invest,” Steiner said. “And, you know, we generally invest $100,000,000... continue reading
It’s hard to critique personal stories – but not when the media use them to teach teens that they need Planned Parenthood. In a recent piece for Teen Vogue, actress Mae Whitman detailed “What Happened During My Very First Pregnancy Scare.” Whitman ( Arrested Development , Parenthood) described Planned Parenthood to teens as feeling “two arms pulling me into a hug” which led her to experience a conversation that left her “eternally grateful.” To introduce Whitman, Teen Vogue inserted an editor’s note acknowledging May as N ational Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month , “a time where we're encouraging young women to... continue reading
Dabo Swinney just learned that in the age of cultural fascism, no good deed goes unpunished, and no issue is too beside-the-point for the “sports” media to offer their liberal opinions on. The Clemson head football coach recently was invited to receive the award of “South Carolina Family Champion of 2015” from the Palmetto Family Council. A small outcry ensued from a handful of students at Clemson along with a wider variety of pro-gay media outlets demanding that Swinney reject the award. While USA Today Sports called the Council an “anti-LGBT group,” the Council’s website claims its vision is “to... continue reading
Half a cheer for HBO! It turns out the network’s graphic Game of Thrones TV series doesn’t feature nearly as much sexual violence as it could. A fan has discovered that, far from the usual Hollywood pattern of sexing up a story when bringing it to the screen, the series actually shows many fewer rapes than George R.R. Martin’s books contain. But the reason we know this is the violent rape scene featured in an episode earlier this month captured attention – and not the good kind. Many viewers were outraged by the scene and sparked a debate about whether... continue reading
Despite media denials that “ specific weather events ” can be linked to overall climate patterns, that is exactly what several major news outlets have done in the wake of deadly floods in Texas. MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Dallas Morning News and other media have suggested global warming played a role in the torrential rain and consequent, deadly flooding in Texas during Memorial Day weekend. A year earlier many were blaming Texas’ drought on global warming. MSNBC host Chris Matthews made this link during Hardball With Chris Matthews May 26. He cited the National Climate Assessment, claiming that “climate change... continue reading
Apparently Tom Steyer knows his Bible better than he knows math. Or perhaps he just hasn’t had a heart to heart with his accountant in several years. Liberal climate change activist and political donor Tom Steyer likened himself to David, fighting against the “Goliath” of conservative political donors, in a May 26 interview with PBS NewsHour . He lamented, “when you look at the relative dollars, it really is a David and Goliath situation, and we’re very definitely the small shepherd boy with five rocks and a sling.” The analogy might be cute, but it’s also factually incorrect. Even anchor... continue reading
If you want to learn how horrendous abortion is, go straight to the source: abortion clinic workers with a media platform. In a May 24 story for Salon, Florida-based writer Amy Beeman wrote that “Working at an abortion clinic challenged my pro-choice views — and confirmed them.” In her piece, she wrote about her former job at a “women’s clinic” where she first saw “tiny arms and legs floating in the glass baking pan.” As time passed, she embraced her work’s mission of “removing unwanted growth” to learn the “bonds between all women” and discover that “grace can be found... continue reading
Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising anymore when a rap song contains offensive content. But ‘How Many Times’ by DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Big Sean makes even some of the worst material seem somewhat benign. The song focuses on the rappers’ attempts at enticing women to have sex with them, with the recurring line, “How many times I gotta tell that ass to come over? (sic)” It’s a safe assumption that they’re not talking about a stubborn mule. Brown, in his verse, brags about not loving a woman that he has sex with, and the sentiment is echoed... continue reading
David Javerbaum is proving himself to be the newest anti-God “theologian” from the left. In the past few years, he has come out with numerous works dedicated to ridiculing Christianity in as general terms as possible. In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Javerbaum discussed the inspiration behind his book , The Last Testament , and its corresponding play , An Act of God , which premiered on Broadway earlier in May. He mockingly claimed to have merely transcribed these works, holding the true author to be God Himself. When Javerbaum began pointing out God’s loathsome attributes, it became clear... continue reading