Times Ignores Prison Non-Profit's Liberal Slant, Soros Ties

     A think tank with ties to liberal financier George Soros was called simply as “nonprofit” in a recent New York Times article on privatized prisons.


     “The increasing privatization of immigration detention has its critics,” writer Meredith Kolodner noted in her July 19 story, citing unnamed “immigrant advocates” and the “nonprofit research group Justice Strategies.”


     “Private prisons have unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit in this country that is unhealthy,” complained Judith Greene, the group’s director.


    Kolodner left out that Greene’s group has a leftward bent and connections to liberal cause financier George Soros. According to the group’s Web site, Greene “has received a Soros Senior Justice Fellowship from the Open Society Institute” while her colleague Kevin Pranis is a former “Soros Justice Fellow.”


     Greene was from a dispassionate researcher of American prisons. She claimed a “vengeful penal philosophy and harsh prison culture” in the United States has “led to a dreadful level of brutality and human rights abuses in our own prisons,” in an October 2004 publication for Soros’s Open Society Foundation.


     Among the clients Justice Strategies serves is the Drug Policy Alliance, a group whose Web site bills itself as “the nation’s leading organization working to end the war on drugs.”