How Dare GOP Treat Illegal Immigration as a Political Issue

ThisThursday, reporterRachel Swarns is once again struck by the audacity of Republicans making a political issue out of the political issue ofillegal immigration ("Illegal Border Crossings Dip, And Official Cites Security").

"Several hearings are being held in districts where Republican lawmakers are engaged in competitive races for the House, and some lawmakers and advocates of immigrants fear that immigration has become little more than a weapon in the battle over fiercely contested House and Senate seats.

"Cecilia Muñoz, a vice president of the National Council of La Raza, an immigrant advocacy group, said, 'The question is whether the desire to effectively reform immigration laws is greater than the desire to use this issue as a political football.'"

As if La Raza doesn't engage in political activism.

Swarns also worried earlier this month about Republican politicians daring to treat immigration as a political issue: "But some Democratic and Republican lawmakers said the schedule of the hearings had only heightened their concerns that the Republican leadership was using immigration as a weapon in the battle over fiercely contested House and Senate seats around the country."

Politicians engaging in politics. Imagine that.