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On Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel produced a subtle yet telling gem. The show began with an interview of Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Harington told Kimmel how he shares his screen name, Jon Snow, with a legendary British journalist, and that as a child Harington had actually wanted to be the journalist Jon Snow, a news-getting war correspondent out there bringing people the news. This set Kimmel searching his memory for an American equivalent to the legendary British journalist. This is what he came up with: Really, Dan “False but Accurate” Rather... continue reading
From the Useless Celebrities file: Thursday, E!News reported that activist and deep thinker Miley Cyrus is on a crusade to post pictures of her bare breasts all over Instagram because equality, or something. Cyrus joined Scout Willis, actress, super-genius and daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, in a “not safe for work” (NSFW) photo shoot Wednesday where each posed half nude for photographer Mert Alas. The pictures were intentionally vulgar and explicit, such as one image where Mert Alas places a thumb over Cyrus’’s nipple while she sticks her tongue out. He captioned the Instagram photo: "Free nipples free... continue reading
As if college students needed any more encouragement to exercise bad judgment. VH-1’s new show, Walk of Shame Shuttle , gives hung-over college students, fresh from a night of debauchery, a chance to step into the adoring limelight. This TV series was the brainchild of Kellyann Wargo, a recent grad from the University of Michigan, who originally just charged a few bucks for her services of driving friends home after a night of partying. Once VH-1 got wind of the popular campus service, however, it quickly took off and became an unscripted reality show set in Los Angeles. In a... continue reading
As the legalization of pot slowly increases, so does its casual and positive attention in the world of entertainment. Currently four states and Washington D.C allow recreational use, and with this slackened stance on the illegality of weed, several comic books and TV shows have begun to reinforce the idea that smoking an illegal joint is no big deal. Young & Hungry (on the ironically named ABCFamily) is just the latest show on primetime television to encourage a glib attitude toward the law when it comes to pot. This show stars Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond, a food blogger who... continue reading
This week the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL paused for an obligatory ode to the radical, leftist sports media that covers them by trashing the RFRA law passed in Indiana. According to Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk article on Monday , the NFL said: “Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard…We are continuing to analyze the implications of the law.” Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted his support: “The Colts have always embraced inclusiveness, tolerance, and a diverse fan base. We welcome ALL fans to Colts... continue reading
Reruns of The Ten Commandments won’t cut it this Easter. In a rather unprecedented burst of religious programming, it appears that there will be a face-off between two different narratives about Jesus on television this coming weekend. One account is the National Geographic Channel’s three-hour movie “Killing Jesus,” as adapted from Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard's book. The other account is the premier of NBC’s 12-episode narrative “A.D. The Bible Continues,” which is a continuation of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s original series “The Bible.” Interestingly enough, the two actors who portrayed Jesus in separate productions have strikingly different upbringings... continue reading
For some time now, The Big Bang Theory (CBS) has been comfortable in its position as number one in popularity with viewership. But now, it has been dethroned by the new kid on the block: Empire . This news became official Monday night when Joe Adalian of Vulture tweeted out the most recent numbers. Empire scored a 6.9 and The Big Bang Theory a 6.7 in the key 18-49 demographic. This shift in popularity from a light-hearted comedy to a brooding family drama is definitely going to give Empire some bragging rights as it has wrapped up its first season... continue reading
Be careful who you friend on the internet. This is the serious message that anyone watching MTV’s Catfish should take away. The term “catfish” is slang defined on Urban Dictionary as “someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.” The TV show that borrows the name of this recent phenomenon seeks to unite couples in online relationships who have never met in person. Obviously, sometimes this turns into a cute romantic story. And other times it gets downright eerie. Thursday night’s episode followed the... continue reading
Turns out that life as a swinger means a lot of work for a "cringe-worthy" payoff, according to Entertainment Weekly 's review of new A&E show Neighbors with Benefits . “They should have just called it Awkward Encounters . Make that, incredibly awkward,” Entertainment Weekly described the new reality show, which portrays the intimately intersecting lives of couples in an unnamed suburban Ohio neighborhood. “While the idea of swinging is supposed to be titillating … Neighbors with Benefits proves it’s kind of anything but.” Lest audiences get the impression that media types have suddenly turned prudish, plenty of them expressed... continue reading
Pregnancy, family dysfunction, and juvenile drama: MTV is at it again. The four young women who made up the old cast of ‘16 And Pregnant’—giving birth as teenagers on national television—are back nearly six years later on Monday night’s premier of Teen Mom OG . Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham are now older and, allegedly, wiser parents. A lot has changed since high school. Maci has a new boyfriend living with her and her son, as she deals with the absentee biological father. Amber is back from a year and a half in prison for substance... continue reading