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For fans of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars , last night’s Week 4 episode was an exciting one. For the first time in the history of the show, viewers were able to vote to pair the celebrities with different ballroom dance partners for one week of training and competition. While celebrities will return to their original partners next week, they still had to make it count since one pair will be going home next week based on this week’s scores and next week’s scores combined. Viewers had no mercy for Candace Cameron Bure. While a fan favorite, she was ironically... continue reading
I have questions. Not about the clairvoyant. That chick was always kind of annoying and giving Coulson difficulty. That makes sense. No, my questions are about Deathlok, a.k.a. Mike Peterson. First, how evil do I have to become to get such a cool nickname? Can someone create a bad guy name generator on the web that doesn't suck? I could spend hours on that sight if it churned out names like Deathlok. The names I got on the websites that a quick Google search ("bad guy name generator") either sucked or were too specifically designed for games like Dungeons and... continue reading
Does something ever come out of your mouth in an instant and the next you wish you could take it all back? If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake you aren't), this is something of a weekly occurrence. Sometimes, I just come off as ignorant. Sometimes, I appear quite foolish. But sometimes, as the words cascade over my open lips, I wish I could stuff those horrifying SOBs back into my mouth as fast as they are coming out. Those are the bells I really wish I could unring. They are the hollow point bullets that... continue reading
With plenty of action, puns and celebrity guest stars, Psych has finally aired its last episode after eight seasons. Deon Richmond, Val Kilmer and Billy Zane guest starred, and the writers managed to fit in plenty of running jokes and references to earlier seasons and still have a decent plot. But the real plot of this episode isn't where Shawn and Gus end up, or whether or not the mystery is solved or whether or not the quota of obscure 80s references is reached. The real plot is whether or not Shawn will finally come to grips with his inability... continue reading
Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars has commenced, and Week 2 kicked off last night with high energy and ended in a double elimination. But the shining moment of last night's episode came from Candace Cameron Bure, famously known as DJ Tanner in the 90s family sitcom Full House. Candace, also the sister of actor-turned-evangelist Kirk Cameron, is also a wife, a mother of three and an outspoken believer in Jesus Christ. A frontrunner who received a score of 9 last week from judge Carrie Ann Inaba for her contemporary dance, Candace was assigned a rumba style dance last... continue reading
This is the second time the writers of “Intelligence” have recycled bad guys from previous episodes. On the plus side, at least they recycled interesting bad guys. On the negative side, this is only episode 12 of season 1. Villains don’t have to be a one-and-done deal; there’s a right way and a wrong way to weave them into the story. Right way: write consecutive episodes that utilize the character in a contained story arc. The focus of the arc becomes the hero facing the villain and ultimately defeating him. Right way: allude to the villain throughout the season. The... continue reading
Yes, Hollywood is dreaming of a Hillary Clinton administration. But for now, they’re settling for installing a female liberal activist as a fictional president. Oscar and Emmy nominee Alfre Woodard will appear as president in NBC’s new political drama “State of Affairs,” The Hollywood Reporter noted last Friday . The show also stars Katherine Heigl as Charleston "Charlie" Whitney Tucker who serves as a legal briefer to Woodard’s character, President Roberta Payton. The part seems the perfect fit for Woodard, a Democrat activist in real life. Katherine Heigl, her mother/manager Nancy Heigl, Bob Simonds, Sophie Watts, Henry Crumpton, Julia Franz,... continue reading
Do you ever watch a show and wish you could cut out the main characters and have the entire show be about the secondary characters? This is how I’ve felt every show since Once Upon a Time in Wonderland came back from its mid-season hiatus. If the show decided to cut Alice and Cyrus out from the rest of the season, I really wouldn’t miss them at all. I’d be thrilled if the show only focused on Anastasia, the Knave, and Jafar as the main characters (continuing to incorporate the minor characters as they are). The plot and character development... continue reading
CBS just announced which shows it’ll be renewing for another season. Unfortunately, “Intelligence” wasn’t on that list. There’s still a chance that the show may be renewed, but it’s not likely, and that’s a shame. This show has room for improvement, and it certainly hasn’t been able to compete in its current time slot against “The Blacklist”. But this show has something that is rarely seen in visual media; it has two strong female characters who play key roles in the story. Neither Director Lilian Strand nor Special Agent Riley Neal have to prove themselves. They don’t have to constantly... continue reading
Natural gas companies are guilty, whether or not they actually committed a crime, at least, when it comes Hollywood plotlines. The March 16 episode of CBS’ “The Mentalist,” with the provocative title “Grey Water” focused on the murder of an anti-fracking activist and featured a natural gas drilling company as prime suspect through the episode. While the company was eventually cleared of the murder, “The Mentalist” still relied on hackneyed clichés about the natural gas industry, portraying it as corrupt and responsible for flammable water. The episode promoted anti-fracking hysteria as the murder victim’s wife, Molly, alleged that local tap... continue reading