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On last night’s episode of Zoo , the writers decided to explore that most overplayed of liberal story lines: the environment/fauna is destroyed by corporate greed and reckless endangerment and mutates! Our protagonists for this overdone, lazy monotony are activist/journalist Jamie Campbell (Kristen Connolly) and “I’m too moody and deep for you to possibly comprehend the depths of me," animal anthropologist Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke). Since episode 1, Campbell has actively pursued the theory that chemicals produced by Reiden Global, the evil corporate entity of choice for this particular series, cause lions to communicate with each other and attack humans... continue reading
LGBT activism has become the Peace Corps of the 21st Century. There was a time, in the not too distant past, when prospective college students seeking to soften the hearts and pique the interest of the gate-keepers of higher education would make themselves more attractive candidates by building straw huts in Africa or feeding the starving children of the Pacific Rim. Nowadays? Not so much. Now the only “hungry” that need to be sated are the liberal peccadillos of the activist college administrators who hold dominion over the young, “skulls full of mush” that put their academic lives in their... continue reading
Good news for Ken Karn (Brían F. O'Byrne)! On last night's episode of the 60's crime drama Aquarius , "Sick City," his character becomes the California Campaign Finance Chair for Richard Nixon. The bad news is, this means that Nixon's people are going to look into him. If they do their job, they will find out what the rest of us know from watching the show: that his 16 year-old daughter ran away from home to live in a hippie enclave with Charles Manson, he had/has a gay love affair with Manson, he used Manson to hook himself and his... continue reading
Gay marriage is sooooo last week! This week, polygamy is in! Apparently graphic gay sex and threesomes are way too cliche and passe these days, Hollywood had to find a new way to push the envelope. So ABC's " Mistresses " introduced polygamy to prime time network TV in a big way in the episode titled "Threesomes." The previous episode saw Karen (Yunjin Kim) in a threesome with her own doctor, Alec, and his wife, Vivian, whose life Karen had just saved by donating her rare blood type... don't ask. But just in case you thought that was just your... continue reading
Wow. This week’s episode of “Mr. Robot” opened with a white, wealthy businessman named Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) paying to beat up a homeless person. When the homeless person asked for “$300 this time?” and the businessman laughed and said, “Spoken like a true Capitalist,” I thought I knew for sure what I would be writing about this week. Boy, was I wrong. The show’s main character, techie-genius Elliot (Rami Malek) and, what I am believing more than ever to be his Tyler Durden-esque alter ego, Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) sit in a typical pub-style bar early in the episode... continue reading
The performing of “unnatural acts” is a very important topic to liberals. Especially, considering so much of what they do runs contrary to human, or animal nature. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before the lefty writers at “ Zoo ” found a way to work the “unnatural” contrary to “instinct” argument into this show - and now they have done it in the episode "Fight or Flight." Enter a young British couple trying to adopt a little boy from Slovenia... but the wife isn't exactly on board. As a part of their in-country trial period... continue reading
It’s not often that I say this. In fact, this is definitely the first time. But some credit should go to ' Becoming Us ' - the ABC Family series that follows the gender transformation of “Carly,” who used to be a man but now self-identifies as an incredibly self-centered woman - for actually presenting some normal human reaction. And, I dare say, rational criticism of transgendered people. In last night's episode, "Rules of Engagement," Carly has to attend the wedding rehearsal dinner of "her" daughter; it is attended not only by the daughter's fiancée’s family, but it is also... continue reading
' The Fosters ' took a break from flying the flag of radical gay activism this week in order to fly the flag of racism, and racist cops. Enter Mike Foster (Danny Nucci) who is a cop, and foster father to AJ (Tom Williamson), who has the unfortunate habit of not listening to his foster father when he tells him to remain in the squad car when going on emergency calls and dealing with armed robbers. On last night’s episode, "Going South," AJ, who is black, was instructed to stay in his foster dad’s police cruiser while he and other... continue reading
‘The Last Ship’ is just an awesome show. Let me count the ways: the U.S. military is featured as the driving force for good in a world gone mad, crooked politicians are brought to justice by sailors bent on restoring order, and we get to watch Adam Baldwin beat up crooked cops and drop really cool lines like: “Get me something to shoot!” Now we can add another reason why ‘The Last Ship’ rocks: They might be the only people outside of the GOP who aren’t afraid to call Israel an ally of this country. In this scene from last... continue reading
In this week’s episode of 'Aquarius,' “Cease to Resist,” Detectives Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) and Brian Shafe (Grey Damon) are investigating the murder of a closeted gay actor. Hodiak convinces Shafe to go undercover at a gay bar to try to get some leads. What’s interesting here is that the older Hodiak is the more traditional character, a World War II vet who is ashamed that his son is a Vietnam War deserter, while the younger Shafe is more socially progressive with a black wife and child. But they have the opposite reactions to homosexuality than what you might expect:... continue reading