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Well, it's official. Father Paul is dead, and with him Conrad's notion that he should repent. #WelcomebackConrad! But that was just the first couple of minutes from this episode, and this baby had much bigger twists than that one. First, Patrick is a bastard. Well, yes, literally, but also figuratively. Brilliant work by him and Victoria to take over the art show. Horribly conniving. Can't endorse that type of behavior. But really quite a brilliant plan. But that isn't even the biggest Grayson twist. For that we gotta bring back #Welcomeback Conrad as he learns that he isn't really sick... continue reading
This week was full of classic laughs from the Parks and Rec gang, minus Ann, Andy, and Jerry (or Gary or Larry?). Here are some moments where I caught myself chuckling: At Tom for speaking in a British accent as a way to appeal to a girl way out of his league. Also, his use of bureaucracy as a delay tactic. At April for running off with the extra question mark stickers to “put them on stop signs.” At Leslie for giving Donna a basket full of nail polish along with a schedule of which day they were going to... continue reading
Why is Amy still with Sheldon? Why? Why hasn't she kicked his can to the curb and said, 'Good riddance!'? Her relationship with Sheldon is just him throwing one insult after another at her. I just don't get it. Honestly, at this point, the only descriptor of this relationship that applies is emotionally abusive. That is the only reason I can think of for why Amy is still with him. Yet, the writers of the show want us to laugh at Sheldon's utter lack of understanding social cues. They want us to get a kick out of his bluntness which... continue reading
What has an absurdly negative attitude toward Modern Family and a blogging column? THIS GUY!!! Now, most sane people would focus on the brilliant lines or comedic gold from this episode. But that's so... boringly predictable. Instead, let's focus on one problem from a minor scene in last night's episode. You can check the scene out below, but for those of you with religious convictions against watching video (and why are you reading a blog about a TV show anyways???), I won't recap. I tried, but it took too many words. Watch the dang video. I will provide background though... continue reading
In last week's post, I went with a preamble to Red's best lines. Today? Let's change it up. Kick it! Best of Red You all seem to be doing a perfectly mediocre job of that on your own. Sure Red says that in reference to the FBI, but really Red could be saying that about any government organization. But yeaaaa... Obamacare's gonna turn out just fiiiiine... Your witness is dead, you lost Lorca, and he took Agent Keane. I'd say my meeting with Lorca might be the equivalent of your ass and landing on a pile of Christmas. What does... continue reading
“The Good Wife” offered little comic relief this week (Unfortunate, since we get a cameo from none other than Donna Moss !) But we got something arguably better: a thoughtful and fair look at abortion through the lens of a surrogacy contract. An amnio test revealed the baby would have a 15% survival rate outside the womb. If the surrogate, Tara, does not abort the baby, she will be in breach of contract. But Tara has changed her mind- she knows this baby is healthy; she’s felt him kicking. I’m impressed with “The Good Wife.” It hardly came out and... continue reading
The Walking Dead is back! It’s all here: Daryl’s awesome crossbow, Rick’s inner conflict, people doing stupid things, and zombies raining from the sky. Well, actually, that last part is new. And to be technically accurate, it wasn't the sky, it was more like the roof of a grocery store. But when you're huddling under the barrage of plummeting souless flesh-eaters, does it make a difference? There’s two types of season premieres. There’s the “wrap up the cliffhanger from last season finale and begin the season with a bang.” But there’s also the “set up the various situations the group... continue reading
I have a few confessions of my own from this week's episode of Revenge . and in honor of Conrad Grayson's Catholicism, let me try and do this right. Father, forgive me for I have sinned. My last confession was never. (I'm a Protestant so why would I go to confession?) First: Yes, I do write my own headlines. You can blame me for the cheesy, over-used "blank-aholic" bit. My bad, father. Second: The use of Lorde's Royals to introduce Nolan's party was absolutely perfect. Loved it, father. Have a listen while you here the rest of my confession. Third:... continue reading
Go figure: a show in which there are (count ‘em!) two families with strong, involved father roles! Not enough shows actually entertain strong family dynamics. A father figure who has a strong influence in his child’s life is not a common thing in many shows these days. In “Welcome to the Family” there are two stand-out dads that are really fantastic characters. The rub is that Dan and Miguel can’t stand each other, and that drives the comedy. A laugh-out-loud scene this week occured as the two fathers worked to try and settle their disputes for the benefit of their... continue reading
When Dr. Lawrence Kutner, Kal Penn’s character on “House M.D.,” offed himself so Penn could go work for the Obama Administration, I wondered if the act held some symbolism for his career. Time will tell, but things aren’t looking up just now. CBS has canceled “We Are Men” after just two episodes. The sitcom about four single men living in an LA housing complex “was plagued by poor reviews and failed to gain traction with viewers,” according to CBS News. Sounds like a certain health insurance product Penn’s old boss is selling. Too bad it isn’t so easy to cancel... continue reading