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Some comments for the production team behind this week's episode: 1. Good on you for landing Carol Burnett! She turned in a solid performance as the McGarrett's aunt that shows she's still got it. Funny, touching, and still with a lovely voice, she was a good addition to a Five-0 that's been needing something different lately. 2. Bad on you for using her to slip in a plug for marijuana legalization! You almost had me when she couldn't get her medicinal pot so she had to go out and buy some on the street and get arrested. That was clever,... continue reading
QUESTION 1 What do you call a pimp with a cane, bright purple suit, and a feather in his cap? Modern Family , because apparently creativity went out the window last night, and clichés replaced it. Things started off on a sour note with an ill-fated Missouri/misery joke. Don't get me wrong, I love mocking flyover country as much as anyone else. That's how a Philly boy like myself survives. That and cheesesteaks. But how tired is the Missouri/misery shtick?!? At least be clever with your mockery, Modern Family . Instead, all we got was a misery joke, farm life... continue reading
Today, at my day time job at Radio America (where I am the mild-mannered Kent Clark), I learned that How I Met Your Mother has finally produced a spinoff: How I Met Your Dad . Personally, I have mixed reactions to this news. On the one hand, despite a weak final season, I am a huge (think Popeye's biceps big) How I Met Your Mother fan. On the other hand, I think spinoffs, sequels, and prequels are just an excuse to be lazy and uncreative. Of course, I did just go and see Thor 2 on opening weekend, so perhaps... continue reading
I have to give props to the writers of Once Upon A Time. Just when we thought Once couldn’t get more convoluted we find out that Peter Pan is none other than Rumplestiltskin’s father! The theme of family and abandonment is a vein Once Upon a Time taps in almost every episode, but “Think Lovely Thoughts” was brimming with drama, and everyone is having issues. Poor Henry’s genealogy has to be the most complicated plotline on this show. Baelfire is his father. Rumplestiltskin is his grandfather. Worst of all, his great grandfather, Peter Pan, wants to consume his heart which... continue reading
In any dualistic philosophy, two competing powers exist - one evil and one good. Christianity has God and Satan, Chinese philosophy has yin and yang, and even ancient religions in Egypt and Persia had dualistic principles. Dualism can be a comforting thing, knowing one force competes with the other. We can draw battle lines and make sense of what's happening in our lives. Removing one of those forces makes understanding life even easier. Revenge seems hell-bent on doing away with any semblance of dualism and merely providing us with one example after another of humanity at its worst. When every... continue reading
If you have nothing to say, don't say anything. It's a good rule for life, and it's one I've tried to adhere to in my blogging for you fine readers. Thus my silence on Hawaii Five-0 thus far. Trust me, I'm faithfully monitoring every episode, but to tell the truth, I just haven't felt the urge to say anything in particular about it. Here's the thing: I really enjoy Hawaii Five-0. It harkens back to a much more lighthearted era in television, where witty banter ruled the day and "gritty" wasn't the code word that won you Emmys. The back-and-forth... continue reading
Dr. Horn was introduced this season as ‘Revolution’s’ sadistic new villain, and the show’s writers had a predictable answer on why his character’s mindset is so completely warped. Why it’s because Dr. Horn was raised as a Christian, of course! A series of flashbacks transport the audience back to 1994 where a young Dr. Horn’s mother is on her deathbed. Horn’s father prays steadfastly over his wife, encouraging his son to join him. When a disdainful Horn tells his father they should take his mother to a doctor, his father proclaims they cannot change God’s will. Fast forward a few... continue reading
What's in a name? That which we call a rose/by any other name would smell as sweet; Well, I hate to burst Juliet's bubble, but... Aw, who am I kidding?!? I love bursting bubbles. Anyways, my point is that a name does matter. Sure a rose would still smell as sweet if you called it a Chongaquinto , but branding matters too. There's a reason Apple is preferred over Microsoft by hipsters, and it ain't because Apple's product is better. Why am I talking about literature and marketing in an entertainment blog though? It goes back to a discussion I... continue reading
Who is General Ludd? Surely, I'm not the only one who immediately thought of the Atlas Shrugged reference: Who is John Galt? I won't pretend I've read Atlas Shrugged by taking a stab at a deep comparison between Atlas Shrugged and The Blacklist . But with only my precursory knowledge of Atlas Shrugged , something still stuck out to me. Both questions come as a result of a cause devoted to overturning the economic zeitgeist . One seeks to destroy business that is seen as corrupt while the other seeks to build wealth by rejecting government meddling. Both philosophies are... continue reading
We were wondering when the iconic Darlings would finally appear! “Dark Hollow” revealed that Wendy has been Peter Pan’s prisoner for a century, and her brothers, John and Michael, were forced into being Pan’s evil hipster minions. The duo cruise into Storybrooke fresh out of a Ginsberg reading at Busboys and Poets. I’m now patiently waiting for the episode which features the Once Upon a Time version of Harvard Sailing Team’s “Hipster Thanksgiving.” This picture is definitely a meme waiting to happen. Men who dress like this are usually into gun control. Emma, Hook and Neal head off to the... continue reading