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The theme of this episode is all about sex — whether Jess denies her ex is still in love with her or the boys trying to “score” while giving each other personal space. After saying their first “I love you” at a party with Prince (yes, there was a Prince cameo in the last episode), this week Nick and Jess settle an argument over the classic question of whether men and women can be “just friends.” Unsurprisingly Nick wins after Jess realizes her ex-boyfriend was just pretending to be a reliable, attentive friend — because he wanted to leave his... continue reading
James Earl Jones graced the set of the Big Bang Theory this week, playing himself, or at least a kind of crazy, bad ass version of himself. I don't know him personally, so perhaps he actually is that much of a bad ass, but all I saw throughout the whole episode was this: Totes magotes. Over and over and over again. Totes magotes. On repeat. Every single word he said. Totes magotes. Clearly, I should see a therapist. But my need for therapy aside, James Earl Jones was a delight. Lion King karaoke, ferris wheel ride, ding-dong ditch, and a... continue reading
The toughest part of comedy on television is the dichotomy between making the audience laugh while simultaneously developing character in each of the various roles. A comedian on stage just has to make you laugh for one night. You aren’t going to watch him every week. (If you do, you might need to see someone about that.) However, to keep a TV audience returning week after week, the audience not only has to be amused, but also needs to identify with and come to care to some degree for the personalities in the show. (If you are huge fan of... continue reading
There’s a new “New Normal” racing towards primetime on NBC. Entertainment Weekly recently reported that NBC requested the pilot for “One Big Happy,” a comedy produced by Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros. TV. The official logline is as follows: “When gay and straight best friends decide to have a baby together, things get complicated when one of them finds the love of their life.” And who says Hollywood is out of ideas? Liz Feldman, writer and producer of CBS’ of the sleazy “Two Broke Girls,” will pen the script. NBC’s Christian bashing “The New Normal,” which followed the story of... continue reading
"Honey, you can't tell me that there's not one shred of doubt, one shred that wonders..." And with that, Elizabeth Keane scuttles the potential adoption of a baby with her husband. Far be it from me to claim expertise on the female psyche, but the logic of this baffles me. If I operated with the mindset that a shred of doubt should decide big decisions, I'd be curled up in the fetal position on my bed. I can't remember the last decision that I made that didn’t have at least some doubt. Doubt arises from uncertainty, from an inability to... continue reading
Not to be outdone by other awards shows, the 56th Grammy Awards decided to put on a wedding ceremony for 33 "Same Love" couples. Performers Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Queen Latifah banded together to produce a wedding ceremony for the mixture of gay and straight couples, which included Ryan Lewis' sister and her fiancé. Madonna hinted at this on the E! pre-show when she told Ryan Seacrest, "History is going to be made tonight... I want to be a part of that." Known for her bizarre stunts (the 2003 VMAs kiss with Brittney Spears, for example), it is... continue reading
I have one word for Thursday's premier of Rake on Fox... disappointing. Much like main character Keegan Dean's, played by Greg Kinnear, case, the potential for a big payoff was there, but in the end, this episode just didn't pan out. Going into this episode, I thought this show would be right up my alley. I enjoy lawyer dramas, main characters with a dynamic and edgy attitude, and clever one liners. While there is still room to find its stride, Rake 's premier only partially followed through on the previews' promise of those characteristics. On being a lawyer drama, the... continue reading
“Laughter is poison to fear.” ― George R.R. Martin In the last several weeks, two very different and contrasting depictions of America’s Armed Forces have been brought to the screen. On one hand, the movie “Lone Survivor” portrays the griping, realistic tale of brotherhood and sacrifice as a squad of Navy SEALS are surrounded by Taliban militants in the heart of the Afghanistan mountains. On the other hand, a new comedy on FOX, “Enlisted,” is distinctly not intended to be literal, but highlights the comedic, ridiculous, behind-the-scenes shenanigans that go on among the ranks. But how soon is too soon... continue reading
Apparently Sean and Gus aren't the only ones scared of Lassiter. Timothy Omundson guest stars on this latest episode of Supernatural as someone that even Crowley is terrified of: Cain. As per usual, Supernatural takes liberties with the Biblical record of events. In this version, Cain is actually the hero -- sort of. He only becauomes evil in order to save his brother from an eternity in Hell. Although, as far as taking liberties with Scriptural accounts, Supernatural has done worse. And, as usual, Omundson is phenomenal. Meanwhile, the Winchester relationship is still fracturered, and continues to be the underlying... continue reading
First things first. Let it be known that I am nothing if not fair. Last week , I said that The Blacklist had become too gruesome. I stand by that statement. Last night, however, The Blacklist changed direction. I'm sure you'll agree with me in recognizing how influential my writing must have been upon the show's writers. What could have been a bloody plane crash instead cut to black, and what could have been a gruesome DNA-swapping scene didn't even show a needle injection. So bravo, Blacklist . I hope this less grisly version continues. Now with the housekeeping out... continue reading