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I'd like to applaud The Big Bang Theory for their episode this week. I don't think they meant to, but Sheldon's mom's sexcapade is actually a positive picture of Christianity. Seriously. Sure, there was the typical crap portraying Mrs. Cooper as a ignorant, irrational, crazy fundamentalist. That's old hash. The new modifier is 'hypocrite'. The episode (rightfully, it must be stated) pointed out the hypocrisy of Mrs. Cooper's Christian teaching and her actions (sex outside of marriage). At first, I was outraged that Hollywood was simply painting Christianity with a broad, inaccurate brush much like they have done with Mrs... continue reading
Be you. That's all. Thanks for the click. I'll catch ya next week. If only... sigh Honestly though, that's how I'd summarize this episode: be you. How do you bond with your grandson? Just lift some weights and help him build something. Be you. How do you accept your flower girl wearing a Halloween costume? Understand that propriety and tradition don't matter. Especially if you are gay and want to get married * . Who are you to force someone into your way of thinking? Be you. How does a super nice guy impress a girl? Thoughtful, romantic gestures. The... continue reading
For only the second time since its inception, SHIELD has gotten Marvel ous. Last episode, gave us a longer look at Lady Sif who featured in both Thor movies. She's just your typical badass, female warrior who has to kick more butt than other secondary characters (BUT NOT THE MAIN HERO CAUSE STRUCTUREZZZZ!!!). Pretty typical stuff. More interesting was the Asgardian villain, Lorelei. She's a temptress who's special power is that her voice and touch are irresistible to men. The only shock to me about what transpired in this episode is that it took a whole quarter of an hour... continue reading
You’d think a show whose mission is to explore the unimaginable vastness of time and space wouldn’t waste a big chunk of its first episode on an obscure 400-year-old incident of negligible scientific significance. But hey, there’s always time to beat up on the church! “Cosmos,” the new 13-part reboot of the old Carl Sagan show airing on Fox and the National Geographic Channel, is supposed to be “a celebration of wonder and awe.” But so far, it’s been predictable – especially in its politics. Viewers learn that “ancient forests grew and died and sank beneath the surface, their remains... continue reading
Hope you were buckled in last night because Revenge came back from its break with a vengeance. Vengeance , of course, being the necessary sequel or prequel to flesh out all the twists and turns that is Revenge . First, there was Patrick's father, Jimmy Brennan. We had only just been introduced to him in the episode before the break. The intrigue of his alleged rape of Victoria which produced Patrick seemed as though it would produce a long story arch. (I use allege, because this episode seemed to cast doubt on the validity of Victoria's version of events that... continue reading
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is back from its mid-season hiatus and while it didn’t necessarily come back with a bang, there were some interesting sub-plots woven throughout the episode. My personal favorite was the scene between Jafar and his father (though the best quote goes to the Red Queen with this gem: “ You two are even more insufferable together , do you know that?” Because let’s be real-we were all thinking that). Neither Jafar nor his father are particularly sympathetic, though as the viewer, I felt like I should be rooting for one of them. The Sultan... continue reading
Maddie shows a typical attitude of bigotry toward those with hairy chests. This is a travesty! A sham! A mockery! A traveshamockery! How dare they portray it that way! I'm offended. I can't believe that they would make Bruce's hairy nipples the last straw in his relationship with Maddie! What? You thought I was talking about assuming that the driver was a part of the robbery just because he's black or something? Come on, people! Focus on the big issues here. I've had it up to my jubate chest with this hateful behavior. Are not those of us with hairy... continue reading
The return of Enlisted after it’s hiatus for the Olympics did not disappoint. Exhibiting some of the best dialogue sequences in the show so far, “Brothers and Sister,” the sixth installment of the fledgling comedy, provided plenty of laughs with deft jabs, clever banter, and awkward situations, while simultaneously introducing serious relationship issues and solidifying the chemistry between the show's primary characters (the three Hill brothers and Sgt. Jill Perez). All three Hill brothers encounter love interests in this episode. The episode opens with Derrick attempting to rescue Randy from making a fool of himself trying to show off for... continue reading
While The Blacklist returned with a whimper , Marvel's Agents of SHIELD came back with a bang. With fast pace and high drama, SHIELD proved that even the a foregone conclusion can be made exciting. If the show had gone full Game of Thrones , though, I might have completely lost it. But alas, SPOILERS, there were no deaths to be had last night. Still, this episode showed its quality not only with its high-drama scenes, but also in a deeper question that it wrestled with - just because you could, does that mean you should? More specifically, at what... continue reading
Dammit! I never start writing a post before the show ends. I know plenty of bloggers who can write before an event ends. Nothing wrong with that approach; it just isn't my style. Of course, the one time that I break from convention, I get screwed. I had a nice little structured generic topic for a post all ready to go. It was perfect. Until it wasn't. Until the last five minutes of the episode. Now, I actually have to touch on stuff actually in the episode. Ugh. Silver linings: the last five minutes sets the stage for a dynamic... continue reading