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OK, didn’t see that coming. At least not when the episode began. Yes, Carol killed the sick folk, and justice (or at least resolution) had to come. But cutting her loose? Carol was a well-developed tier 2 character – one that I bet a lot of viewers had something invested in. She hadn’t been fully used by the writers, the way Andrea was. (If you think about it, there was nowhere left for Andrea to go, character-wise. Killing her off made sense.) And Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, told Entertainment Weekly, “I hope that’s not the last of her, but... continue reading
Nuts! I was all set to do a survey that was empty, vapid, and shallow, like Terry McAuliffe's plan for Virginia. Then... BOOM. Stuff got real at the end of the episode. May talks to Coulson about his struggles to deal with past trauma, which caused me to start thinking about trauma. Sure, most of us haven't been killed by an alien staff like Coulson, but we can all relate with his struggle to cope. Like Coulson, we all bear the scars of past trauma. Some of those scars are physical, some emotional, but we all have them. And we... continue reading
Judgement calls. We all have to make them. Sometimes they are minor (should I go to Target or Walmart for my groceries), but sometimes they aren't. In the most recent episode of The Blacklist , Elizabeth is faced with two judgement calls of the most difficult variety. Both raise tricky ethical questions, and neither come with a bow to wrap up the situation nicely. In the first instance, Elizabeth must decide if she should take out the biological terrorist Frederick Barnes. Complicating matters is that he has a hostage and nothing to lose. What would you do? Take out the... continue reading
“Hugging the Now” was, at its core, a great little episode about Simon and his daughter both wanting to feel loved. Unfortunately, it was wrapped in a slew of bad attempts to come up with a slogan for an erectile dysfunction pill—fourteen attempts, to be exact. After about ten in a row, Simon tells Zach and Andrew, “Just 'cause you guys high-five at the end of a bad pitch doesn't make it a winner.” I have to agree with Simon: bad pitch. It seemed like the writers emptied their erectile dysfunction joke box onto the scene, and they didn’t land... continue reading
As you should know by now, there was no new Big Bang Theory last night. Something about Halloween, spending time with your kids or going partying... I wouldn't know. I'm single and work an overnight shift. It's a dizzying life I lead, I assure you. My fast-paced existence aside, you should know that next week's episode will feature two celebrity guest appearances. Bob Newhart reprises his role as Professor Proton, and Bill Nye (did he just wake up from like a 10+ year hibernation? Seriously. Dancing With The Stars and now a sitcom appearance? What's next? Modeling Uggs?) will be... continue reading
Let me give you a little insight on the inner workings of this blog. I watch a show, write approximately 300 words about said show, and post a video that is just under a minute from the episode that I'm writing about. But I believe writing is an art, not a science. Sometimes art calls for breaking the rules. And you know what they say, 'it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.' So with the proper apologies to my bosses out of the way (and any legal boundaries I may unwittingly overstep), I want to write less and play... continue reading
This week, Modern Family , gave us not one, not two, but three celebrity guest appearances. We had Nathan Lane, reprising his role as Pepper, Cam and Mitchell's uber-gay, wedding planner, Fred Willard, Phil's dad, returning to visit the family for a weekend, or three, and Adam Devine making his Modern Family debut as a new Manny--er manny, male nanny. Three times the famous, three times the fun. Let's see how they did. Springtime for Pepper A classic Lane performance--over the top, but funny. His histrionics about Cam and Mitchell's wedding choices lead to the archetypal affair scene, as Cam... continue reading
POP QUIZ: My heart is human, my blood is boiling. I'm not a hero, I'm not a savior. Forget what you know. I'm just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control. Who am I? Looks like S.H.I.E.L.D finally got good, people. This was the first episode where the cast, script, and storyline all worked together to produce a quality episode. So bravo on that S.H.E.I.L.D . The key to this episode in my humble opinion (and I write this blog so if you were looking for something else, you came to the wrong place) were the secrets. A few... continue reading
How stupid do you have to be to: Attempt to move a hostage to a new location without blindfolding or gagging her? Come on! That’s just lazy storytelling. Follow the instructions of a PA announcement at a bus station while you’re running away from people who have already demonstrated their ability to be anywhere and do anything? Steal so directly from Star Wars? Seriously, writers! One of the henchmen owes a cartel money because the “stuff” she was smuggling got seized at the border? What’s the cartel gonna do next—freeze her in carbonite? The verdict is in as various critics... continue reading
Well this sucks. Between the quotes and the questions to come, I'm bumping against my word ceiling. Unfortunately, I am not Congress and don't have the power to raise it. You will simply have to miss out on my scintillating invective about the gruesome turn The Blacklist is taking. Lo siento . ¡Vámanos! Red Quotes I don't have the space to break them down, but Red has the best quotes. If you disagree, go jump off a cliff. "Every time you 'meet', someone ends up dead." "We've gotten off to a rocky start." "You've killed three people." "I'm not perfect."... continue reading