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Editor’s note: this article contains objectionable language. The Democrat party is the pro-woman party right? Well on Sunday night’s episode of True Blood [HBO], the left-leaning characters inadvertently reveal their hateful attitudes towards women, all the while mocking conservatives. In the July 20 episode, vampires Eric and Pam are looking for the parents of their enemy, who happen to be conservative. To do this, they must go incognito at a Ted Cruz fundraiser held, (where else?) at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas. Pam, dressed up in a sparkly evening gown and big hair while Eric wore a... continue reading
On this Monday's episode, Jack Bauer delivered a stern reminder to fictional President Heller that "as a matter of national policy, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists." The reprimand came after Heller informed Jack that he was considering turning himself over to terrorist leader Margot Al-Harazi, in order to prevent the deaths of more innocent people. Al-Harazi had given the president an ultimatum: either he turn himself over to her on her terms so that she could execute him for causing the death of her husband, or she would continue to launch drone strikes against the people of... continue reading
Warning: Spoilers For Game of Thrones, nothing is sacred. The Season 4 finale - on Father's Day - is very aptly named "The Children," and its centerpeice is the downfall of parents. In this episode, one father dies, a mother stoops to imprisoning her children, and a father faces the final disgrace of his house. Sixty-six minutes of riveting television. Despite an astounding third episode featuring the second of George R. R. Martin's murderous weddings and the death of the widely hated boy king Joffrey Baratheon, this season moved rather slowly. Each episode featured numerous scenes of build-up, with one... continue reading
The season 18 finale of Dancing With the Stars concluded with a new reigning champion: Olympic figure skater Meryl Davis and her professional partner, Maksim Chmerkovsky. The win was a first ever for “Maks”, who has been with the show since the very beginning. Usually known for his gruff, no-nonsense manner, this season brought out a gentler side to Maks, and his inspired dances had many speculating whether he and Meryl were actually romantically involved. Last night, the couple danced a Foxtrot and sexy Cha-cha-cha fusion, receiving a perfect 30/30 score, putting them squarely in the lead. Combined with viewers’... continue reading
Last night began the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. Combined with the judges’ scores and viewers’ votes, the show will conclude tonight with when the Season 18 winner will be revealed. Last night, the four remaining couples danced two routines, one of which was a freestyle choreographed by the stars and their professional partners. Between the four couples, there was an argentine tango, quickstep, hip hop, and contemporary dance which left the judges baffled. As part of the night, personal video packages were aired which revealed a personal side of the contestants as they discussed various challenges and... continue reading
After 9 grueling weeks, the Dancing With the Stars competition is nearing its pinnacle. Beginning last night’s semifinals were actor and author, Candace Cameron Bure, and her professional dance partner, Mark Ballas. The duo danced a 34-point Viennese waltz, which Candace dedicated to God. “I should always remember that no matter how many people I’m performing for, I’m really performing for an audience of one, and that’s for God,” she said in the video package for last night’s show. As this week's theme was American Icons, Candace found time in between rehearsals to meet with her personal icon, Angela Thomas,... continue reading
Call it a maxim; call it a proverb; heck, call it a kumquat for all I care, but this saying has never seemed truer to me: like father like son . Sometimes these words act as a laurel of honor around our heads; sometimes they act as the concrete flippers for our swimming lesson in the Hudson. In three seasons of Revenge , Emily has worn that phrase like a pageant contestant wears a tiara, honored and proud to be worth of it. The last two weeks though, that saying has seemed less a tiara and more a crown of... continue reading
"You're upset about Emily and you're Indian. I need to make you chai tea. Now, I have all the ingredients except cardamom seeds. Do you happen to have any on you? Sorry, I left them in my turban. Oh, I'll make English breakfast tea. They destroyed your culture. That's close enough." ~ Sheldon Wow. "[The English] destroyed [Indian] culture" Just wow... I mean, sure, it's a funny line. I'll admit it got a small laugh for me (a big compliment with this show). But it also really pisses me off. In case you were wondering, yes, I am white; yes,... continue reading
Good news, fellow Agents of SHIELD fans! We are getting a second season! This really isn't that surprising based on the ratings. I won't bore you with the details here, but suffice to say, it's kicking butt compared to the Dancing With The Stars . I must admit I'm curious how this will work since the latest Captain America movie, you know, eliminated the entire agency of SHIELD. Seems like a stretch to go a full season without an organization. At this point, Fitz is right – they are just vigilantes. Somethings gotta give here. But both this minor detail... continue reading
Last week, you might remember, I predicted a Ward Redemption storyline . And oooohhhh , I was so close to vindication. When Garrett ordered Ward to kill FitzSimmons and Ward hesitated, I sat forward. When Fitz's plea connected with Ward, I started hoping. When we got flashbacks to Ward's first bout with compassion after Garrett ordered him to kill the dog who had helped him survive, I was sure. WARD REDEMPTION HERE WE COME!!! Alas, it was not to be... this episode at least. In case you were wondering, yes that is defiance you see in my words. Some lesser... continue reading