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Has it happened? Have we finally gotten there? Has the final season of Burn Notice revealed the last bad guy that Michael Westen will need to take down? Beats me. But in all likelihood, the answer to the questions is yes. And what a doozy of a meeting it was. Michael is no stranger to various forms of torture, but his experience at the hands of James, the leader of Sonya's group, and his men was quite brutal: sleep deprivation, constant blaring sirens, and being pumped full of truth inducing drugs are just a sampling. Honestly, it was enough to... continue reading
The second episode of NBC’s “Camp” again swerved off the trail as it focused on the relationships of those working at the camp, rather than what camp is all about: the campers. Camp Director Mackenzie Granger’s (soon to be) ex-husband shows up and his antics remind her of why they’re in the process of divorcing. Camp counselor Kip is blackmailed by a fellow female counselor who knows his secret and threatens to tell the whole camp. Meanwhile, camp counselor Robbie deals with his bitterness from growing up living with mother’s gambling addiction when she calls him up needing money to... continue reading
Ego, conniving, and backstabbing. Or, as it's called in the Pearson Darby offices, just another day on the job. Harvey is still attempting to become a managing partner to take down Jessica. Rachel finds out about the roles that Mike, Donna and Harvey played in breaking Mike and herself up originally. And just to drive the theme home, the case that Harvey is working on centers around testimony that an oil company's number two offers up against his boss and mentor. But amidst the backstabbing and bruised egos is the desire for forgiveness. One example of this is Mike and... continue reading
When you hear the words “family camp” and “NBC comedy” in the same sentence, great expectations probably follow. After all, NBC has treated us to “The Office,” “Parks and Rec,” and “30 Rock,” so a situational comedy about all things outdoors with a family dynamic thrown in sounds like a sign of good times ahead. In “Camp” though, the focus is not on the families attending the camp, but on the owner Mackenzie Granger (Rachel Griffiths) and the various counselors’ love lives (or lack thereof). The pilot episode starts out with Griffiths running the camp by herself after her husband... continue reading
Game of Thrones fans are livid. Last night, the show incorporated the iconic moment of doom known to book readers as “The Red Wedding.” To minimize the spoilers, I will only say that two very central characters died in a tremendous betrayal. Not only did allies turn on one another, fundamentally altering the political landscape, but they also marred a happy occasion – inducing death and destruction amidst the joy of a wedding. Fans of the show who had not read the books didn’t see any of this coming. They took to Twitter to express their distress. Emily Tharp (@ecait21)... continue reading
Why do Americans find family dysfunction so entertaining? From ABC’s hit show “Revenge” – in which weddings are used as weapons – to CBS’ “The Good Wife” – where marital infidelity becomes passé – shows focus on familial back-biting between man and wife, parent and child. Netflix made waves recently by releasing the long-awaited fourth season of the popular show “Arrested Development.” The first episode recaps the struggles of Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) with his incredibly dysfunctional family and their failed entrepreneurial exploits. After Michael announces he’s leaving the family business, he sets up his own real estate development –... continue reading
NBC’s Law & Order: SVU concluded season 14 with Detective Benson staring into the barrel of a gun. Behind the gun is William Lewis, sadistic rapist that the Law & Order team has been trying to peg for rape and assault throughout the episode. If you’re fed up with the U.S. legal system, the Law & Order: SVU season finale gave you plenty to despise because the bad guy is a master of exploiting every legal loophole and technicality in the books. After arresting William for exposing himself to two women in a park, they fail to get him convicted... continue reading
What happens when Beth Harper, a ditzy mom living a life of debauchery and drunkenness, suddenly survives a choking experience and starts hearing prophecy from God? For a sitcom centered on a religious conversion experience, NBC’s new show “Save Me” has surprisingly little bite. More traditional or charismatic believers will find little they can relate to, and those inclined to mock traditional religious beliefs will find little to laugh at. And it showed, as the “Save Me” premiere marked NBC’s lowest rated series launch since last summer’s “Saving Hope.” In fact, the network has already given up on “Save Me.”... continue reading