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Just. A. Few. More. Shows. All. Most. There. Gah! It's a good thing that I'm destined to go bald (Thanks Grandpa!) because otherwise I'd feel bad about all the hair that I'm ripping out while watching this show. I get that it's a nighttime soap opera, but does everyone in a soap have to constantly make self-destructive decisions? If Mistresses was a game show, it would be called "Who Wants to Make the Worst Mistake?" Heck, have a vote in the comments section below. Was it A: Joss sleeping with her boss while she's supposed to be hanging out with... continue reading
Wow. I thought last episode was a whole new Michael Westen. Turns out we ain't seen nothing yet. Honestly, I thought last week's episode was an aberration. If you'll recall, Michael killed an operative he was supposed to work with for the CIA. (Sure it was crazy Simon who had tried to blow up half of Miami, but still, on the side of the good guys.) With only three more episodes to go, there was no way Burn Notice would make such a dramatic turn with the main character. Wrong. (SPOILER ALERT BELOW) Instead, the main character turns to a... continue reading
Editor’s note: the video accompanying this article may offend some people. Dear Miley Cyrus: We get it already. You’re not a kid anymore. That Teddy Bear-to-porn maven motif at the 2013 MTV VMAs was so unsubtle even the kind of people who like the VMAs couldn’t miss it. Ditto the latex bikini and relentless “twerking.” Besides, you’re belaboring the point. It’s been abundantly clear for some time you killed Hannah Montana and you’re pole-dancing on her grave. But maybe you could dial back the porn factor just a touch? Sure, masturbating yourself and Robin Thicke with a foam #1 finger... continue reading
Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. In a show entitled “Mistresses,” it was only natural that they would eventually get around to making a strong man out to be a controlling, domineering character. In this episode we find Savannah complaining that, before she mete her man, she used to be so able to do everything by herself, but eventually she couldn't even open the mail. Because, you know, a strong male in a relationship will seek to control everything. Throughout the episode we find more and more instances of Savannah feeling helpless since her husband left... continue reading
As far as concepts go, FX’s “The Bridge” managed to snag something original. (Well, except that it’s yet another “loosely based” idea stolen from across the pond. Only this one’s imported from Scandinavia.) The show focuses on two detectives working opposite sides of the Mexican-American border on an ever-more-complicated murder case. And obviously, it could not be more timely. With the topic of immigration on the forefront of the American mindset, it’s fascinating to get a personalized window into the world of the border. The mismatched-buddy-cop trope is well worn, but this show manages to breathe some new life into... continue reading
Danny Desai is learning a big life lesson in the tenth episode of “Twisted.” It turns out that when you are rehabilitated after murdering someone, it’s hard to restore people’s trust, especially if you lie. When Danny’s best friends, Lacey and Jo, discover that he had known a key piece of evidence regarding Regina’s murder, and didn’t tell them, they’re quick to let him know he’s on his own. However, one girl is hooking up with him, and the other is in love with him, neither one is quite willing to follow through. Regina’s mom is on the school board... continue reading
Chester’s Mill has lost its small town charm and has completely turned to anarchy in episode eight of ‘Under the Dome.’ After Ollie took control of both the water and the propane resources, the town rises up in arms to get back access to the well. Barbie, meanwhile, has taken a less-confrontational approach and succeeds in diverting the water back to the town’s reservoir by using explosives. However, this turns him into competition for Big Jim, which will definitely come into play during the future episodes when a leader will have to straighten out the chaos. Junior is dealing with... continue reading
ERMAHGAWWWWSH!!!!! ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!!! Ahem. And now back to your regularly schedule 20-something, heterosexual, male blogger ... But seriously. So. Much. Happened. If you don't want to know just some of tonight’s awesomeness read no further. Every one good? Good. Where to begin? Should I start with Mike meeting Rachel's parents? Or Rachel's Stanford bombshell? Harvey being chill with Donna's affair with Steven? Jessica offering Harvey a position as managing partner? Harvey and Steven picking a massive fight with a corporate raider who had just gotten the better of them? Louis Litt and his British arch nemesis bonding... continue reading
When I say loyalty, what’s the first thing you think of? Family? Togetherness? Fighting for someone or something? Chances are, whatever pops into your mind has positive connotations. And well it should. That's what makes this week's episode of “Burn Notice” so intriguing: loyalty is portrayed in an unconventional and not entirely positive-way. For example, when Madeline receives a surprise visit from James, his intent seems to be to reassure Madeline that his purpose in surveilling her is to protect her. Yet, we see that Madeline, knowing James to be the bad guy, is quite upset by his visit and... continue reading
In terms of quality, it is obvious that NBC did not put a lot of effort into its “Camp,” summer series. In this week’s episode, Buzz has “Baby” written in Sharpie across his stomach while wearing a bikini top during Truth or Dare. A few minutes later, the writing has disappeared. During past episodes when Sarah has swum, anyone with swimming experience will immediately realize she has none, while she is supposed to be an Olympic-level swimmer. Nor is the story very compelling. Things supposedly get steamy during this week’s episode both literally and sexually. Buzz’s 16th birthday party provides... continue reading