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Last night, the ‘ Wayward Pines ’ episode ‘Betrayal’ brought us a creepy look inside the town’s school again. The attitude towards parents’ relationships with their children is a Leftist indoctrination dream: “Your job is to feed them and keep them safe. Let us do the rest.” School is a secretive place where parents aren’t even allowed inside the building: -Megan: Good morning, guys. Nice to see you, Theresa. -Hi. -Hey, Ben. Mrs. Burke. -Megan: Amy, will you help Ben find a biology textbook? There's a big stack of them behind my desk. -Yeah, sure. Come on. -Theresa: You know,... continue reading
USA’s TV show ‘ Mr. Robot ’ prides itself on its subtitle, “Our democracy has been hacked.” Yet, after tonight’s episode, they may have succeeded in hacking more than just democracy. After watching the following scene, where the “FSociety” underground that is holding corporate America hostage releases its militant manifesto on the internet, it has become alarmingly clear to me that the leftist, techno-drama may have hacked the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign as well: Hello, Evil Corp. We are society. Over the years, we have been watching you. Your financial abuse of the poor; your corruption of governments; your cover-ups... continue reading
It must have been cold there in the shadow of radical gay activism, race-mongering, and all the other liberal causes that have served as the recent vanguard of the left’s culture war. But with last night’s premier of ‘Zoo’ on CBS, the animal rights activists have finally been shown a slim ray of the limelight. Though, not too much. ‘Zoo’ is a TV adaptation of James Patterson’s novel, where humans are, in the words of Patterson himself, “doing a lot of bad stuff and they need to be reminded. 'Zoo' is a fable saying, 'Look at what's going on here... continue reading
One of the more intriguing aspects of the so-called “educational,” well-meaning, well-intentioned, gay-centered television shows on ABC Family is that few, if any of them, turn out to be well-meaning or well-intentioned at all. Take last night’s episode of “ The Fosters ,” "More Than Words." For those who don't know, “The Fosters" is the show about an interracial lesbian couple and their blended family of biological and adopted children of varying ethnic and sexual orientations. Most infamously, last season they had the distinction of bringing us the youngest ever on-camera gay kiss between two 13 year old boys. Well,... continue reading
**SPOILER ALERT** The Fox TV show ' Wayward Pines ' is an M. Night Shyamalan mystery-thriller, which means that all is not as it seems and there are major plot twists and turns. If you don't want the 6th episode 'Choices' or the series spoiled, don't read any further! **WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD** Last week's big reveal was that the reason the town of Wayward Pines is so Orwellian, insular, and creepy is that the elites are hiding the fact that the year is actually 4028, the people living in the town have all been cryogenically frozen for 2000 years, and... continue reading
It takes most new series at least 5 or 6 episodes before they complete the metamorphosis into full-blown mouthpiece for the left. Then there’s USA’s new series “Mr. Robot,” which took literally all of about 5 or 6 seconds to come to full collectivist froth. The following clip is from the very beginning of the very first episode: What I'm about to tell you is Top Secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There's a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I'm talking about the guys no one knows about, the guys that... continue reading
The gals on The View had quite the time on Monday yucking it up over a Texas pastor who preached that that women who use the Lord’s name during sex should be sent to prison. They laughed at the backward Christians and wondered how they thought people got here if not for sex. One problem: It was a hoax – complete and total . No Texas pastor ever said that. The article that purportedly broke the story was satire. Whoopi Goldberg brought it up on The View on Monday, because she had bought a phony story that reinforced her prejudice... continue reading
When I saw the previews for "The Astronauts Wives Club" were set to the Meghan Trainor song that goes "I know you lie cause your lips are moving," I just knew the new ABC show would set its sights on tearing down America's heroes by showing them in an unflattering light - and I was right. The show focuses on the seven wives of NASA's original Mercury astronauts during the height of the space race, when America was transfixed by exploration into the Final Frontier. The hour long series premiere is a whirlwind, taking place over two years, from the... continue reading
Comedy Central “Nightly Show” host Larry Wilmore unwittingly – which is how it normally works on Comedy Central – swerved into making the case for how the Rachel Dolezal story is an exact metaphor for climate change advocates, while attempting to prove that Dolezal is a metaphor for climate change deniers. In responding to Dolezal’s statement that she didn’t like the term “African-American,” but did indeed consider herself to be black, Wilmore said “Let me see if I can clarify that. It is her opinion that she is black. Much like climate change denial, this is not based on science.”... continue reading
So the media has finally found a member of the LGBT community they feel comfortable criticizing/downplaying: a Republican one. On Wednesday night’s edition of ET, the show led with coverage of Caitlyn Jenner going through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box. I suppose to show all men out there that just because you change the way you “self-identity,” the Sourdough Jacks and Spicy Sriracha burgers need not stop. There is hope. But quickly after cataloguing the latest wanderings of America’s largest symbol of societal decay, the episode turned critical. Specifically of ESPN and their decision to award Jenner with... continue reading