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Suzanne Malveaux

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CNN Showcases PolitiFact Rating Another Accurate GOP Claim 'Mostly False'

In an appearance on CNN's Newsroom on Monday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Times' PolitiFact once again nailed an accurate statement by a Republican or conservative group as "Mostly False." A new ad ...
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'Comforting' News Network: CNN Fawns Over Gay Rights Activist

Zach Wahls is an activist lobbying Congress on behalf of gay rights issues, and yet CNN's Suzanne Malveaux rolled out the red carpet for him with nary a critical question on Thursday's 12 p.m. ...
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CNN Boosts 'One Gay Man's Fight for Same-Sex Marriage'

CNN is clearly supporting the cause of same-sex marriage as evidenced by Sunday night's slander of Mitt Romney and its heavily slanted coverage of President Obama's "historic" gay marriage ...
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CNN Tries to Get Inside Romney's Head: 'The Bullies Never Recall What They Did'

Even though CNN's Suzanne Malveaux admitted she had no clue what Mitt Romney actually did in high school, she and a guest psychologist tried to speculate away on Friday afternoon's Newsroom. ...
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CNN Lauds 'Brave Catholic' Joe Biden for Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

After Vice President Joe Biden voiced his support of same-sex marriage over the weekend, CNN jumped all over the news on Monday and expectantly wondered if President Obama would follow suit. ...
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PolitiFact Whiffs Again, Rates Accurate Romney Claim 'Half True'

Fact-checking website PolitiFact has rated two accurate claims by the Mitt Romney campaign as "Mostly False" and "Half True" for contextual reasons. However, when President Obama made a ...
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CNN Reporters Call CPAC a ‘Conservative Petri Dish’

Shortly before noon Thursday, live from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), CNN political reporter Peter Hamby described the gathering as a “conservative petri dish” to ...
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