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Guns On The Blacklist

The Blacklist goes anti-gun. Also, euthanasia and Alan Alda
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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: The End of the Beginning

A fairly simple overlooked fact taints a good episode
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Rake's Hairy-chested Hate

A sarcastic take on Rake's portrayal of hairy-chested men.
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Marvel's Hollow Agents of SHIELD

Ethical questions are raised on Marvel's SHIELD.
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Silver Linings

The Blacklist ruins my posting plans, but gives viewers some silver linings.
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Prattling On

Madeline Pratt is the latest baddie, but the Blacklist ffeels a bit staid.
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Rake Bigamy Sodomy and Traditional Marriage

A look at polygamy, homosexuality, and traditional marriage
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The Blacklist: The Cyprus Agency

Doubts about the Blacklist exposed
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