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NBC's Mitchell Glosses Over Anti-Israel Rant from Liberal 'Legend' Helen Thomas

While eulogizing left-wing White House correspondent Helen Thomas on Saturday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Andrea Mitchell conveniently minimized the controversial end to Thomas's ...
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NBC: 'Once Heralded as the Anti-George Bush,' Obama Receives 'Muted Reception' in Europe

On Monday's NBC Nightly News, reporting on President Obama's trip to Europe, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd fretted over the commander-in-chief's declining popularity overseas: ...
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NBC's Mitchell Touts Snowden Bashing Cheney

On Monday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Andrea Mitchell seized on NSA leaker Edward Snowden attacking former Vice President Dick Cheney, who labeled Snowden a traitor for publicizing ...
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NBC Applauds Obama National Security Picks, Claims Susan Rice 'Vindicated' By Benghazi Emails

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd cheered President Obama picking Susan Rice to be his new national security advisor and nominating Samantha Power as ...
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NBC: U.S. National Parks 'Under Stress' and 'In Trouble' Following Sequester

On Monday's NBC Today, correspondent Tom Costello fretted over the impact of modest reductions in government spending: "401 parks, battlefields, monuments, seashores, volcanos, and deserts ...
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NBC Fails to Report Its Own Scoop That AG Holder Approved Investigation of Fox's Rosen

As of Friday morning, NBC News broadcasts had completely ignored an important scoop from the network's own national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff that Attorney General Eric ...
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NBC Touts White House 'Aggressively Responding' to Scandals, Dismissing Criticism as 'Offensive and Absurd'

On Sunday's NBC Nightly News, White House correspondent Peter Alexander led off with Obama team spin on the scandals rocking the administration: "...the White House is aggressively responding, ...
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NBC's Williams Ready to Move On: 'It's Tough to Know the Staying Power of Any Given Scandal'

On Thursday's NBC Nightly News, after proclaiming President Obama to be "on the offensive" amid growing scandals, anchor Brian Williams hinted at those controversies being only temporary ...
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NBC Touts 'Defiant' Obama Dismissing Benghazi as 'Political Circus' While Fox Fact-Checks President's Misleading Claims

While Monday's NBC Nightly News was content to accept President Obama labeling the Benghazi scandal as a "political circus" worthy of ridicule, on Fox News Channel's Special Report, chief ...
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NBC Hypes 'Jaw-Dropping Images' of 'Melting Glaciers, Vanishing Rain Forests, Non-Stop Urban Sprawl'

Teasing an upcoming story on Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams fretted over "The dramatic changes we've watched happen to our planet" as shown in "jaw-dropping images from ...
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