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HuffPo Live Celebrates OWS on Two-Year Anniversary

Interviews reveal occupiers’ extremism that was often ignored by news media.
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Russell Simmons Apologizes For ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’

Huffington Post Live panelists doubts sincerity.
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HuffPo Blog Encourages Teen Sex Sleepovers to Parents

Soraya Chemaly Demands ‘Responsible-Sex-Is-Good’ Parenting
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HuffPo Blog: Religion to Blame for Overpopulation, Environmental Ruin

Along with destruction of happiness, opportunity and health.  
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HuffPo High-Schooler with Lesbian Moms Feels Left Out of Father's Day

Teen “Activist” wants to scratch gender-specific holidays off the calendar.
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HuffPo’s Lament: More States Have Wait Periods for Abortion than Gun Buys

How dare states demand you take a powder before snuffing out a human life.
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Kirk Douglas Wants Gun Control

America’s cowboy days are over, according to Doc Holliday.  
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HuffPo Gushes Over Gay ‘Noah’s Ark’

Twisting Bible stories for the gay agenda? Yup, that’s right up HuffPo’s alley.
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Anti-Straight Hate? HuffPo Blogger Rants Against Religion, Men, Straight Folks

‘Social justice activist’ wants to chuck traditional institutions.
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HuffPo Chat Cheers on ABC’s ‘Mistresses’

Wives, mistresses 'have got so much in common.'
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