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The Good Wife

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A Thoughtful Take on RFRA from Hollywood? ‘The Good Wife’ Does it

CBS drama touches hot-button issues once again.
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CBS Drama Crafts Powerful Argument for the ‘Aborted Fetus’

The Good Wife gives pro-life arguments a hearing.
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Ted Cruz, "The David Koresh of the Republican Party;" Hating ObamaCare More Than They Love America

As the government shutdown ends, journalist whip out their switchblades to attack conservatives as crazy cult leaders ("Is Ted Cruz the David Koresh of the Republican Party?") who are "making a ...
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CMI On TV – ‘Good Wife’ Takes on Bad Businessmen

Union good, management bad, Hollywood is in balance.
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CMI On TV -- Occupy Wall Street – A Prime Time Villain?

'The Good Wife' almost portrays the truth about OWS.
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