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MTV Bullies Kids, Makes Them Cry To Raise Awareness For ‘White Privilege’

 New documentary celebrates bullying children to promote an agenda.
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Muslim Scholar: ‘We Have to Embrace’ Gay Marriage

CNN’s latest TV show host shares controversial interpretations of Quran, Constitution.
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People Mag Editor: ‘Impossible’ Not To Be ‘Elated’ For Obergefell

Editor’s letter dedicated to plaintiff in gay marriage ruling.
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Geraghty: On Gay Marriage, ‘Press has Decided One Side is Evil’

Kurtz ‘Can’t remember a time coverage has been so one-sided.’
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HuffPo Live: Vatican’s ‘Big Gay Art Collection’ is ‘High-End Pornography’

Church values are ‘stuck in the past’, ‘backward.’
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‘Journalist’: Objective Reporting Doesn’t Apply to ‘Fundamentalist Wackjobs’

Journalist celebrates ‘touting equal rights in the best way I can.’
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Jeff Gordon Condemns Confederate Flag; Opts for Rainbow Car

Drafting the gay juggernaught?
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Roman Holiday: Media Ignore Massive Italian Traditional Marriage March, Hype Smaller Gay Parades

CNN, ABC, USA Today all covered Tel Avive pride parade.
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