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Should Romney Deliver 'Powerful Counterpunch' Or 'Shift to Positive Campaign'? NYT Can't Decide

Does the New York Times think Mitt Romney should "leaven his harsh criticism of President Obama" or deliver "powerful counterpunch"? It depends on which Times article you read. A July 12 headline: ...
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NBC's Guthrie Worries: Is Romney Campaign 'Calling the President a Liar?'

In an interview with Romney campaign advisor Ed Gillespie on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie fretted over Republicans dismantling false Obama campaign attacks that Romney ...
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Obama's Stump Speech Myths

Obama's taking poetic license with history, both personal and political, on the campaign trail. Where are the media outlets to vet his speeches for fact-mangling?
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CNN Says Obama Has Cut Taxes 'Like Crazy,' Suggests Wealthy Should Pay More

CNN brandished liberal talking points on taxes during its morning and evening programming on Monday, in light of President Obama wishing to extend the Bush tax cuts to only those making less ...
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ABC Finally Notices Obama's Sketchy Attack Ads Against Romney's 'Outsourcing'

Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday finally noticed the Obama campaign's sketchy attacks against Mitt Romney for supposedly being an outsourcer while running Bain ...

NYT's Mark Landler's Still Spinning for Obama, Who Can 'Argue...Problems of Today Are Not Principally His Fault'

For Obama, the Times makes the best of bad economic news: "The president then pivoted to longer-term economic trends, which he said have deepened inequality and put at risk the future of the ...
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Playing Into Obama's Populist Pose, NYTimes Obsesses Over Romney's Vacation Digs, Rich Donors

Times reporter Richard Stevenson delivers a leftist lecture: "In an era of populist backlashes against the 1 percent and increased concern about the economic and social ramifications of income ...
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It's Raining Dems: Clinton Pals Stephanopoulos and Carville Avoid Obama's Woes

It may have looked like a Bill Clinton reunion tour, but it sounded like a Jimmy Carter pity party. Former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos interviewed current Democratic operatives ...
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NBC: Obama 'Defying Gravity' By Painting Romney as 'Dangerous'

On Saturday's NBC Today, co-host Lester Holt pondered why President Obama's poll numbers were not lower given the poor economy: " look at the polls, the latest NBC News/Wall Street ...
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NYT: Free Publicity for Lefty Protest of GOP 'Ultrarich;' Obama's Bigger Hollywood Haul Didn't Even Make Print

Tons of free publicity for a left-wing anti-Koch Brothers protest in the NYT: "The event at Mr. Koch's home drew about 200 protesters, who in brochures promoting their demonstration said that ...
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