Bryant Gumbel Set to Retire

Gumbel on CBS
See how Bryant Gumbel used the Early Show to promote his many liberal positions and disparage conservatives. Fifteen of the links have RealPlayer video accompanying them.

Gumbel on NBC
Bryant Gumbel earned the wrath of conservatives long before his stint at CBS. For 15 years he co-hosted NBC's Today Show and the MRC has demonstrated his continually biased coverage, agenda-driven interviews and almost compulsive obsession with Ronald Reagan.

Gumbel Comments on MRC
Read how Bryant Gumbel denounced an MRC ad calling him a "liberal activist."

Top Ten Gumbel Stumbles
Check out videos of Gumbel at his most biased in "Top Ten Gumbel Stumbles"

Gumbel Anthology
Forty-six quotes culled from Gumbel's on-air performances and interviews 1989-1999, such as this liberal nugget from the February 23, 1994 Today: "Straight ahead in this half hour well talk about a new book called Lethal Passage. It deals with Americas sickening love affair with guns."

Gumbel: Liberal Activist Masquerading as Impartial Journalist
Videos and transcripts of Bryant Gumbel's most biased Early Show moments, November 1999 to present.
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MRC Ads printed in the New York Post and Washington Times: