Statement From Media Research Center President Brent Bozell on the Resignations of New York Times Editors Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd - Press Release - June 5, 2003 - Media Research Center

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement today, reacting to the resignations of New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd:

Now that Mr. Raines and Mr. Boyd have resigned, Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. has a crucial decision to make. He can either continue to use the Times to promote an arrogant, left-wing advocacy agenda or he can return to the news.

The New York Times return to respectability is dependent upon whether it presents the news in an accurate, evenhanded manner. All the news that's fit to print is meaningless if the reporting is skewed to promote a liberal agenda.

Mr. Sulzberger has an opportunity to start afresh with new editors, and we hope he takes full advantage of it.