Statement by Brent Bozell on Dan Rathers Stepping Down as Anchor of CBS Evening News - Press Release - November 23, 2004 - Media Research Center

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The following is a statement from Media Research Center President Brent Bozell upon the announcement by Dan Rather that he is stepping down as the anchor of the CBS Evening News:

Mr. Rathers stepping down from the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News is not going to correct the enormous credibility problems. We have always felt the liberal bias problem that permeates that network goes far beyond Mr. Rather.

CBS's Dan Rather We have spent countless hours documenting and exposing an exhausting amount of bias by Mr. Rather and our analysis speaks for itself. Mr. Rather has many personal qualities we have found admirable, but he has, unfortunately, often misled the American people time and again with biased reporting on a wide variety of issues and subjects central to their daily lives. Time and again the issue of a liberal bias in his reporting has been raised, and time and again he has chosen to simply ignore the criticism or deny the evidence.

We believe Mr. Rathers bias is part of an institutional problem throughout the national news media identified by former long-time CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg which is the arrogant notion that their point of view is always accurate and always relevant to any story in which they choose to inject it.

We wish Mr. Rather well at the Wednesday edition of 60 Minutes, and we hope his reporting will be fair and balanced, which is what the American people deserve.

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