New MRC Study Reveals Networks Overwhelmingly Negative Portrayal Of Iraq War - Press Release

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Sam Alitos nomination to the Supreme Court has pushed the medias anti-Catholic button, and yet as the record of Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Catholic, shows, such anti-religious labeling is unnecessary, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell in a statement released today. For instance, the Associated Presss headline over reporter Rachel Zolls story reads: Alito Would Tip Court To Catholics. Substitute the word Jews or Blacks for Catholics and it would spark cries of outrage.

Likewise, a report by National Public Radios Dahlia Lithwick is just as insidious, said Bozell. She reported that people are very, very much talking about the fact that Alito would be the fifth Catholic on the Supreme Court if confirmed.

The APs biased reporting is clear: Catholic justices Scalia and Thomas take their religion straight from the pews to the bench. In fact, Zoll wrote: Two of the Catholics on the current court - Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas - are abortion foes. Scalia, whose son Paul is a priest, and Thomas are sometimes seen walking together to the court after attending Mass on holy days of obligation. But as Justice Kennedys record of pro-choice rulings proves, being Catholic is irrelevant to serving on the Supreme Court.

The only reason anyone in the media would care about whether the Supreme Court has a majority of Catholics is if they were trying to make a bigoted connection between the faith certain justices practice and the job they do on the bench, concluded Bozell. Such religious bigotry should be condemned, just as Americans have condemned racism and anti-Semitism.

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