MSNBC Uses Liberal Keith Olbermann to Anchor GOP Debate

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ALEXANDRIA, VA On Thursday, May 3, NBC will use the ultra-liberal Keith Olbermann to co-anchor pre- and post-coverage of the GOP debate, alongside Chris Matthews, on MSNBC. Media Research Center President Brent Bozell denounces NBC for presenting such a notoriously biased and partisan propagandist as an objective anchorman.

Keith Olbermann is an avowed enemy of the Republican Party, stated L. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, yet NBC and MSNBC give him a microphone and turn a blind eye to his ultra-liberal, propagandist personal agenda.

If they wanted to provide balanced coverage of the debate, why not pair Chris Matthews with a conservative? The answer is simple. Balance and objectivity are not part of their repertoire.

NBC and MSNBC are losing what little credibility they had left.

Olbermann's Record of Hateful Diatribes Against Conservatives
  • Olbermann labeled Rudys Giuliani's comments as "terrorism," and accused Giuliani of "threatening the American people with 'casualties' if they...elect a Democrat President." The Countdown host further derided Giuliani for "doing Osama bin Laden's work for him." (Countdown, Apr. 25, 2007)

  • Discussing President Bush is the "worst ever" President, Olbermann suggested that leaving American troops in Iraq could be "criminal." (Countdown, Dec. 8, 2006)

  • The night after the four-hour, two-night season premiere of Fox's 24 ended with a "suitcase nuke" being detonated, Olbermann saw a nefarious plot to aid President Bush: "Is 24 just entertainment or is it propaganda designed to keep people thinking about domestic terrorism to keep us scared? Gripping drama or thinly veiled propaganda?" (Countdown, Jan. 16, 2006)

  • Referring to Newt Gingrich as a "dangerous creature, Olbermann compared Gingrich to an "arsonist giving the keynote address at a convention of firefighters." He further accused Gingrich of "exploiting" terrorism to pursue the presidency. (Countdown, Nov. 30, 2006)

  • Olbermann accused President Bush and Republicans of committing the "dictionary definition" of terrorism in trying to scare Americans into voting for them, even contending that "the leading terrorist group in this country right now is the Republican Party." (Countdown, Oct. 23, 2006)

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