MRCs Brent Bozell Denounces Spiking of Leaked Memo on Hussein-Al Qaeda Links - Press Release - December 4, 2003 - Media Research Center

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A Pentagon memo that listed dozens of contacts between al Qaeda and Saddam Husseins Iraq was leaked to the Weekly Standard magazine and published more than two weeks ago. Despite the explosive nature of the leak, the broadcast network evening news programs have ignored the story.

While the cable news networks have reported the leak, the broadcast network powers-that-be are deliberately withholding the information contained in the memo, depriving 30 million viewers of the truth.

This refusal to cover the story stands in stark contrast to the rabid enthusiasm the networks have shown when reporting leaks that could hurt the Bush administration politically. A pointless media firestorm erupted in May of 2002 when snippets of President Bushs national security briefing on intelligence prior to 9-11 made its way into the hands of journalists. This past summer, a White House leak that outed a CIA agent was subject to similar media hype.

The networks standard for leak coverage is clear. If the leak hurts the Bush administration, cover it extensively. If it helps the Bush administration, spike it.

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