The Media Research Center Should Declare Victory Over Liberal Media Bias - Press Release - November 18, 2002 - Media Research Center

The Media Research Center Should
Declare Victory Over Liberal Media Bias

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- On C-SPANs Washington Journal Friday morning former Time magazine columnist Jack White stated that the Media Research Center (MRC) should declare victory over liberal media bias. But Jack Whites employer is a case study in why the MRCs mission to bring political balance to the media continues to be imperative.

I must say that Im constantly amazed when people complain about the so-called liberal bias in the press, and there are still people making a living complaining about the liberal bias in the press. Our good friends, Brent Bozell and company for example, who run the Media Research Center, and I keep wondering, When are you gonna declare victory fellas? I mean, Fox News is about as blatant, blatantly biased as you possibly could get. The CBS and the other networks, that they complain about their bias, if they have one, they're awfully timid about displaying it. Sooner or later I think we're all going to have to acknowledge that the myth of liberal bias in the press is just that, it's a myth. May have been true at one time but its been beaten out of em, and I dont think that they conform to that anymore. - Jack White, Washington Journal C-SPAN 11/15/02

No more liberal bias? After celebrating the convergence of moment and messenger referring to Maryland Democrat Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's anti-Second Amendment views Time reporters Karen Tumulty and Viveca Novak let loose with a cheap partisan shot:

Gun-rights advocates have been emboldened by an administration that is sympathetic to their cause. The closeness was underscored by the fact that the military-style gun used in the sniper attacks named, unfortunately for the White House, Bushmaster XM15 was manufactured by a company owned by Richard Dyke, a Bush fundraiser. Times Karen Tumulty and Viveca Novak, Nov. 4 issue.

While we appreciate Whites vote of confidence in our work, it seems that it is hypocritical for him to declare the media bias free, when he is still wearing his liberal blinders. We will declare victory when fair and balanced reporting is the norm in every national media outlet, said Rich Noyes, the MRCs Director of Media Analysis.

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