Media Pay Their Respects to the Pope Respectfully - Press Release - April 5, 2005 - Media Research Center

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement in reaction to the medias coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II:

Conservatives have much to criticize in the so-called mainstream media. Every once in awhile, however, we get a glimpse of the press at its finest. The medias coverage of 9/11 was an example. The medias coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II is another.

Journalists have recognized Pope John Pauls engaging and fatherly presence, which many Americans and the rest of the world have known throughout his reign. Many reporters have gone to great lengths to describe his influence, in politics and morality, said Bozell.

As CNNs Aaron Brown commented Sunday: [The Pope] does provide a kind of moral and human balance to all of the other pressures that culture presents and Pope John Paul did that aggressively. He did it eloquently at times. And he did it often. And he touched Catholics, or non-Catholics who didn't seem to matter alike in that way.

The sheer amount of time and coverage dedicated to the Popes passing is a testament to the medias realization that a man of faith commands respect and attention in spite of philosophical differences, Bozell said. The media have responded in equal measure, and deserve our gratitude. Given the nature of things, Catholics, and non-Catholic supporters of the Pope, cannot expect the laudatory comments to last. In the days to follow, analysts will begin to chip away at his moral foundation and call upon the Catholic Church to elect a new Pope who understands the medias perceived need for the church to evolve. If that happens, well have something different to say. But for now, what needs to be said, emphatically, is simple: Thank you.

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