LTC Allen B. West, USA, Ret. Named Senior Fellow at Media Research Center

For Immediate Release:

January 11, 2018

Contact: Tom Buchanan

(703) 683-5004,


Reston, VA – The Media Research Center (MRC) announced today that prominent conservative LTC Allen B. West, USA, Ret. has been named a Senior Fellow at the MRC to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias.

In addition to his 22 years in the United States Army, Lt. Colonel West’s extensive career includes representing Florida’s 22nd District in the 112thUnited States Congress and serving as Executive Director to the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, TX. He is a Fox News contributor, contributing columnist, and member of the NRA’s Board of Directors.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement Thursday welcoming Colonel Allen West to the MRC team:

“I am thrilled to have Colonel West working with our team here at the Media Research Center. Like many of us, he has witnessed the liberal media’s hypocrisy and bias first hand. West brings an extremely knowledgeable and unique perspective that will serve the MRC and our supporters well. We are incredibly fortunate to have a respected conservative like Colonel West fighting alongside us. I am very eager to begin working with him.”


Statement by LTC Allen B. West, USA, Ret.:

I’ve long admired the work of Brent Bozell and the MRC. This is personal for me. The news media have a clear leftist agenda which stands in direct conflict with the values conservatives cherish most and which I fought to protect. I’m thrilled to be part of the MRC and its vital mission to expose the liberal media’s radical agenda.