CBSs Embarrassing Defense Evokes Shades of Bill Clinton - Press Release - September 16, 2004 - Media Research Center

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today blasted CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather and executives at CBS News for employing old Bill Clinton tactics of denying the obvious, muddying the issue with irrelevant information, and attacking critics.

Dan Rather and CBS continue to deny the documented truth: their smear attack on President Bush was based on fraudulent documents, Bozell said. They simply must stop obfuscating. Dan Rather and CBS News lose more credibility with every Clintonian denial.

CBS is now clinging to a new and pathetic defense based on the opinion of an 86-year-old woman that she believes her boss believed something. Sentiments about the spirit of forged documents are utterly irrelevant, but in the tradition of Bill Clintons classic denials it all depends on what CBSs definition of truth is, Bozell said.

Bozell further noted that if sentiments are credible then the known sentiments of both Lt.Col. Killians widow and son both of whom knew Lt.Col. Killian better and have both denied on the record that he believed this should be aired.

CBS, once again, spiked the opinions of those who knew Killian best. If this isnt bogus, what is? Bozell said.

This is more proof that CBS is more interested in attacking President Bush and saving its own hide, Bozell said. Until CBS comes clean, and divulges the source of this smear against President Bush, both it and Dan Rather are complicit in this campaign.

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