Bozell Issues $1 Million Challenge to Tom Brokaw and NBC - Press Release - January 8, 2004 - Media Research Center

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell is issuing a $1 million challenge to NBC and NBC Nightly News Anchor Tom Brokaw, calling Brokaw on his comments made in a recent interview with Columbia Journalism Review. In the interview, Brokaw directly took on Bozell and the Media Research Center while denying the credibility of their evidence of liberal bias in the press. Among other things, Brokaw said:

What I get tired of is Brent Bozell trying to make these fine legal points everywhere every day. A lot of it just doesnt hold up. So much of it is that bias like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Bozell responded: I know our evidence does hold up and well prove it. I issue this challenge to NBC and its anchor: lets assemble a mutually agreeable third-party panel and have them review a compilation of the Media Research Centers 16 years of evidence of liberal media bias. If this panel agrees with Brokaws contention, the Media Research Center will donate $1 million to the anchors favorite charity. If the panel agrees with us, NBC and Brokaw will donate $1 million to the Media Research Center.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot well do this: well limit our evidence only to Tom Brokaw and NBC. Frankly, thats all the evidence we need to prove the point.

To schedule an interview with Mr. Bozell, or another MRC spokesman,
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