Augusta National Golf Club Rep Accuses New York Times of Absurd Double-Standard - Press Release - April 8, 2003 - Media Research Center

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Alexandria, VA Augusta National Golf Club representative Jim McCarthy has responded to the New York Times Sunday editorial, the most recent in a series of Times attacks on the home of the Masters which opens Thursday. Martha Burk of the National Council of Women's Organizations has been pressing Augusta to renounce its all-male club status and admit women, a cause the Times has vociferously advocated in both news stories and editorials. The Augusta rep's response took the newspaper to task for being grossly biased and one-sided, and is available exclusively at the Media Research Center's Times Watch web site (

Though millions of women feel that Martha Burk doesn't speak for them, none have been quoted. Though many authorities on gender issues and constitutional law have defended the Club, they too have been ignored, the statement said.

The Augusta National rep accused the Times of having an absurd double-standard.

Throughout their coverage the Times has yet to quote a single source who believes, for example, that single-gender clubs are a vital and worthy part of American social life. That seems strange since just a short walk away from Times offices is the well-known Colony Club, a same-sex group which counts as its members some of the most accomplished and influential women in New York, the statement said.

The Media Research Center has launched its Times Watch project in March as an ongoing critical look at the newspaper because of its repeated liberal bias and influence over the broadcast news networks.

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