Notable Quotables

Distorting Palin’s “Holy War” ABC’s Charles Gibson: “You said recently, in your old church, ‘Our national leaders are sending U.S. soldiers on a task that is from God.’...Are we fighting a holy war?” Sarah Palin: “The reference there is a repeat of Abraham Lincoln’s words when he said...‘Let us not pray that God is on our side,’ in a war or any other time, ‘but let us pray that we are on God’s side.’ That’s what that comment was all about, Charlie....” Gibson : “But you went on and said, ‘There is a plan and it is God’s plan.’...Are you... continue reading
Obviously Not the Media’s Choice Newsweek ’s Eleanor Clift: “This [McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin] is not a serious choice. It makes it look like a made for TV movie. If the media reaction is anything, it’s been literally laughter in many places across news-” Host John McLaughlin: “Where is that? See that?” Clift: “In very, very many newsrooms.” — Exchange on The McLaughlin Group , August 31. “It’s hard to know how many women will flock to the GOP ticket because of Palin. She is a far-right conservative who supported Pat Buchanan over George W. Bush in 2000. She... continue reading
Promoting Anti-Bush “Bombshell” “Tonight, gasoline has been thrown on a fire that’s never really gone out. The accusation that the Bush administration badly misled the American public about the case for war with Iraq. In a new book, journalist Ron Suskind claims he has new evidence to show the case was more than a failure of intelligence — it was, he writes, an out and out deception.” — NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, August 5. “Also ahead, a scathing new book from a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter that claims the Bush administration’s case for war in Iraq wasn’t a mistake... continue reading
Celebrating Obama the “Superstar” “In this city where John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton all made famous speeches, Obama will find himself stepping into perhaps another iconic moment Thursday as his superstar charisma meets German adoration live in shadows of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate....It’s not only Obama’s youth, eloquence and energy that have stolen hearts across the Atlantic....Obama has raised expectations of a chance for the nation to redeem itself in the role that — at various times through history — Europe has loved, respected and relied upon.” — Associated Press writers Matt Moore and Melissa... continue reading
Welcome to Media’s “Obamathon” “Good evening, everyone. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, is about to begin a major overseas tour designed to bolster his foreign policy and national security resume, and help him be seen as a credible Commander-in-Chief and potential leader of the free world.” — Katie Couric kicking off the July 18 CBS Evening News . Senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield: “He [Obama] doesn’t have to equal McCain in that stature, he just has to make voters seem like he’s okay, he knows what he’s talking about.” Katie Couric: “Especially if he draws big crowds,... continue reading
NBC Sees “Ultra-Rightist” Helms... “During his 30 years in the office, the North Carolina Senator was often controversial and always outspoken....An ultra-rightist, he was elected in the Republican landslide of 1972....In the ’90s, critics branded Helms a bigot for his racially-tinged ads which blasted affirmative action during a campaign against an African-American opponent.” — NBC’s Martin Savidge in a July 4 Nightly News obituary of former Senator Jesse Helms. But Liberal Democrat a “Populist” “We learned today that former Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum has died. His life was the classic American success story. A self-made millionaire, his public career spanned... continue reading
Oh, Now She Sees Bias “However you feel about her politics, I feel that Senator Clinton received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I’ve ever seen.” — CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric at a June 10 luncheon in Washington D.C., as reported by Patrick Gavin at “One of the great lessons of that campaign is the continued and accepted role of sexism in American life, particularly in the media. Many women have made the point that if Senator Obama had to confront the racist equivalent of an ‘Iron My Shirt’ poster at campaign rallies, or a Hillary... continue reading
Liberal Media’s “Magic Moment” “Let’s go now to [The Politico’s] Roger Simon. Again your thoughts on last night’s magic moment for a lot of Americans, in fact, me included. I, that picture is right out of Camelot, as far as I’m concerned.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews talking about Barack Obama clinching the Democratic nomination, June 4 Hardball . “Barack Obama and his wife Michelle walked into history’s arms last night....Just like JFK’s journey as the first Catholic President, America crossed a milestone....One of America’s oldest and ugliest color lines has been broken, and there’s a new bridge for a new... continue reading
Obama Is “Something Special” “Presidential campaigns have destroyed many bright and capable politicians. But there’s ample evidence that [Senator Barack] Obama is something special, a man who makes difficult tasks look easy, who seems to touch millions of diverse people with a message of hope that somehow doesn’t sound Pollyannaish.” — AP writer Charles Babington in a May 10 dispatch. Following Her Liberal Heart “I see this as a moment of transformational change in the country and I have spent my lifetime sitting on the sidelines watching people attempt to make change. I just decided that I can’t sit on... continue reading
GOP Peddles “Hate” and “Slime” “[For Obama] the real test is yet to come. The Republican Party has been successfully scaring voters since 1968, when Richard Nixon built a Silent Majority out of lower- and middle-class folks frightened or disturbed by hippies and student radicals and blacks rioting in the inner cities....It is a sure bet that the GOP will try to paint Obama as ‘the other’ — as a haughty black intellectual who has Muslim roots (Obama is a Christian) and hangs around with America-haters....The real question is whether he [McCain] can — or really wants to — rein... continue reading