Notable Quotables

THE LINDA ELLERBEE AWARDS FOR DISTINGUISHED REPORTING The Best Notable Quotables of 1992 Rodney King 100 Meter Dash While Carrying a VCR Award* (for rationalizing the LA riots) “It’s not a big surprise that the jury in suburban Simi Valley sided with the white policemen. Just as it’s no surprise that the blacks in downtown Los Angeles rioted and people died.... Politicians have fanned these flames with code words about ‘welfare queens,’ ‘equal opportunity,’ and ‘quotas.’ Language designed to turn whites against blacks. With two-party politics that favored the rich and hurt everyone else.” – NBC commentator John Chancellor, April... continue reading
THE LINDA ELLERBEE AWARDS FOR DISTINGUISHED REPORTING The Best Notable Quotables of 1991 Gomer Pyle Award “Remember all the chatter about a short war? Well, forget it.” – Time Senior Writer George J. Church, March 4 issue. Runners-up: “Well, they [U.S. soldiers] really didn’t risk that much, number one. And second, to honor people who believe in violence is to honor the ethic of violence. And if you believe violence solves problems, you overlook quite a lot of morality. You overlook what Gandhi said: ‘An eye for an eye and we all go blind.’ So why celebrate that? Why honor... continue reading
THE LINDA ELLERBEE AWARDS FOR DISTINGUISHED REPORTING The Best Notable Quotables of 1990 Bring Back the Iron Curtain Award "This is Marlboro country, southeastern Poland, a place where the transition from communism to capitalism is making more people more miserable every day....No lines at the shops now, but plenty at some of the first unemployment centers in a part of the world where socialism used to guarantee everybody a job." -- CBS News reporter Bert Quint on the April 11 CBS E vening News. Runners-Up: "Communism is being swept away, but so too is the social safety net it provided....Factories,... continue reading
THE LINDA ELLERBEE AWARDS FOR DISTINGUISHED REPORTING The Best Notable Quotables of 1989 First under each award heading is the winner, followed in order by the next top vote getters. Notable Quotables thanks the judges for helping us determine the most outrageous and humorous utterances from the media over the past year. Award for the Silliest Analysis "’These boat people,’ says the government of Hong Kong, ‘they all want to go to America.’ Well, I swear I don’t know why, do you? I mean take Vietnam. Why would any Vietnamese come to America after what America did for Vietnam? Don’t... continue reading
Notable Quotables December 12, 1988. (Vol. One; No. 22) SPECIAL ISSUE: THE BEST OF 1988 Reagan Record Don Regan: "What’s the bottom line of the Reagan Administration? It’s a great record." Lesley Stahl: "Bottom line. Largest deficits in history. Largest debtor nation. Can’t afford to fix the housing emergency." -- Exchange on Face the Nation , May 15. "I think it’s a dangerous failure at least in terms of programs. A mess in Central America, neglect of the poor, corruption in government....And the worst legacy of all, the budget deficit, the impoverishment of our children." -- U.S. News & World... continue reading
The 2013 Budget Battle: Let the Vicious Smearing Begin MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Alter: “It’s like negotiating with terrorists....” Host Alex Wagner: “Hostage takers, sure.” Alter: “...They [Republicans] must understand that they will pay a price with patriotic Americans who understand that shutting down the government, which is what the Republicans are talking about, is an unpatriotic act....They have to feel the heat over and over again that they are acting against the best interests of the United States. That’s not happening, yet.” MSNBC contributor Joy Reid: “To put it another way, when somebody is threatening to bomb the stadium,... continue reading
Supreme Court: Nets Slam Overturning of Liberal Law.... “As one reporter put it today, the U.S. Supreme Court has driven a stake through the heart of the most important civil rights law ever enacted, the Voting Rights Act....” — Anchor Brian Williams opening the NBC Nightly News , June 25. “Did you think on that day when Lyndon Johnson signed this [the Voting Rights Act] into law that five members of a Supreme Court, the majority, would some day gut it the way it has today?” — Anchor Andrea Mitchell to Democratic Congressman John Lewis on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports... continue reading
Scary and Not Liberal Enough “What also struck me, aside from how frightening much in this speech was, were the things that were missing. Very little with respect to minorities, the uninsured, the homeless, the elderly, Enron workers who have lost their life savings.” – Washington Post reporter Ceci Connolly during Fox’s broadcast coverage of President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address on January 29. Using Enron to Blunt Reform Tom Brokaw: “Senior aide Karl Rove was forced to sell his Enron shares at a loss last year to comply with ethics regulations. Even though thousands lost their... continue reading
Impossible for Feds to Make Do On Less than $2 Trillion a Year “Dick Armey's mandate to cut taxes, it’s complete. Taxes have been cut as much as is humanly, or inhumanly, possible. So, he can go.” – Time’s Margaret Carlson, discussing the Majority Leader’s decision to retire, on CNN’s Capital Gang, Dec. 15. Scolding Bush for “Breaking” a Treaty By Following Its Provisions “When we come back, the other big news from the White House today. President Bush makes a major announcement. Tonight, why the U.S. is deliberately going back on its word in front of the rest of... continue reading
GOP “Haters” a Problem for Passing Amnesty Bill in House “One of the problems of this debate going on — for Boehner and people who want the Republican Party to have a future — is there will be more commentaries like that from the Ann Coulters, from the Limbaughs. They’ll be talking about this endlessly, and they will absolutely be publicly characterizing the Republican Party, in effect, as, Joy [Reid] says, haters of these people [illegal immigrants]. I mean, you didn’t hear anything in what Ann Coulter just said that indicates that she has any positive feelings about the people... continue reading