Notable Quotables

GOP Wants to Impeach Obama Just for Being Black “Ten years ago, Barack Obama came upon the American public as a breath of fresh air. He spoke in ways that awakened our hopes, broke through the clouds of cheap politics and stormy rhetoric....But how many other Americans saw a different reckoning, when confronted with that name, ‘Barack Obama,’ right there on the ballot in front of them — how many saw that name and that face and that man with dread?...Check the numbers: 57 percent of the Republican Party wants this man run out of office and thrown to the... continue reading
If GOP Ruled, IRS Scandal “Would Be a National Obsession” “[The IRS scandal is] a test for the media....[When] any government agency, particularly one as powerful as the IRS, engages in something that even people sympathetic to the administration say looks weird and suspicious, it’s incumbent upon on all of the national media to aggressively ask more questions. The Republicans in Congress are asking questions. I think with a different administration, one that was a Republican administration, this story would be a national obsession.” — MSNBC and Time magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin, formerly the political director for ABC... continue reading
Pleading With Hillary to Run: “If Not You, Who?” “I was stunned. It takes two pages to cover the list of countries that have already had a woman leader....It includes Bangladesh, Indonesia, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, of course. Are we waiting for alphabetical order?...If not you, who? Who is the viable woman of either party who could win a primary nomination in 2016 if not you?” — CBS Sunday Morning contributor Jane Pauley to Hillary Clinton in an interview aired June 15. Opposition to Obama = “Vestiges of Racism”? CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: “Senator Jay Rockefeller said recently and... continue reading
Slamming Republicans for “Swiftboating” Sgt. Bergdahl “We’re going to look at the right-wing playbook for the newly-released American POW, a wounded man who isn’t even out of the hospital yet. Swiftboat first; ask questions later....[Sgt. Bowe] Bergdahl, a former POW who’s under treatment now at a military hospital, is being swiftboated by the reflexive anti-Obama machine.” — Guest host Ari Melber on MSNBC’s The Last Word , June 3. Host Matt Lauer: “Did the White House truly think this was just going to be a celebratory moment, the release of Sergeant Bergdahl? Did they not see any of this backlash... continue reading
CNN Won’t Be “Shamed” Into Doing Its Job “We’re not going to be shamed into it [covering the Benghazi investigation] by others who have political beliefs that want to try to have temper tantrums to shame other news organizations into covering something. If it’s of real news value, we’ll cover it.” — CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker to New York Times television reporter Bill Carter at a Deadline Club event May 19, as quoted the next day by Nicole Levy in a Capital New York article. No Such Thing as an “Unanswered Question” About Benghazi “It certainly looks more partisan... continue reading
TV “News” Enlists in Obama’s Climate Crusade “Let’s imagine for a moment that there’s a baby being born right now. There are, you know, babies being born all over this country. What future does this child face if nothing is done?” — NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports , May 6. “I spent the whole day here at the White House, and the President and his staff tell me they’re most excited about this, because they think it’s going to help people plan and respond to disasters. And then something interesting happened,... continue reading
ABC Giddy Over Prospect of a “Royal” Clinton “Dynasty” “The next generation of the Clinton dynasty is on the way....One Clinton child grew up before our eyes in the White House. Could there soon be another?” — Correspondent Cecilia Vega on ABC’s World News , April 17. “Move over, Prince George. This morning, Americans have their own royal, or, rather, presidential baby, to look forward to.” — Correspondent Bianna Golodryga on ABC’s Good Morning America , April 18. “Prince George is doing wonders for the royal family’s popularity. Look at those cheeks. This morning, speculation abounds: Could Chelsea Clinton’s own... continue reading
“Admit Reality” and Stop Pushing for ObamaCare Repeal Anchor George Stephanopoulos: “I think one of the most interesting things we saw in the President’s speech right there, it was for a plea for the politics to end. He says the debate about repeal is over. Wishful thinking?” ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd: “A little bit of wishful thinking on this. If you think about this, the President does get — you have to give the President ground to have some celebration....A little bit of dancing in the end zone. I think Republicans would be really smart [to] let him... continue reading
Covering Religious Freedom Case Using a Feminist Prism “Here’s the question before the nine justices: If a woman relies on insurance to buy contraception, should her employer get to decide which contraception she uses?” — Anchor Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News , March 25, talking about Hobby Lobby’s court challenge to ObamaCare’s mandates on contraceptive coverage. “You know, Cecile, it’s like every time we have a discussion it feels like the clock has turned back even more, you know. And it feels like the ACA was progress and it’s real, and yet the force is pulling us back —... continue reading
Pick a Conservative and Get a “Goldwater Moment” in 2016 “You’re starting to get a picture of what 2016 could look like, what Iowa could look like, specifically. And it’s pretty darn fascinating. We’re starting to see here, guys, the fault lines of the battle for the soul of the GOP. Is it going to be a pragmatic governor in the Chris Christie form? Maybe if Jeb Bush gets involved, or maybe the Paul Ryan idea, Rubio. Or are we going Ted Cruz, are we going Rand Paul, and the GOP is going to have their 2016 Barry Goldwater moment?... continue reading