Notable Quotables

Can’t Figure Out if George Tilts Left or Right “I don’t think you can look at George [Stephanopoulos] over the last few years and say there was a partisan bent to his interviewing, or to his anchoring, or to his reporting.” — BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay on MSNBC’s Morning Joe , May 15. Why Would Excellent Hillary Duck Any Questions? “She can handle any question you throw at her. It’s a mystery to me why she doesn’t want to take a couple questions every day so that this is isn’t a story, and so she has a... continue reading
Hillary’s Scandals Are Just “Distractions” and “Noise” “Secretary Clinton has been trying to frame her campaign around issues like immigration reform....But her message has been muddled by a series of recent distractions, including questions about donations to the Clinton Foundation. And this morning, her campaign is once again trying to break through the noise.” — Correspondent Julianna Goldman on CBS This Morning , May 5. NBC Touts Clintons’ “Heartwarming” Africa Successes “Even while the criticism at home rumbles, the heartwarming stories here in Africa are undeniable. Like here at the Starkey Hearing Foundation program, where 150 children and adults will... continue reading
Hooray for Hillary, “One of America’s Greatest Creations” “Hillary Clinton is not familiar. She is revolutionary. Not radical, but revolutionary: the distinction is crucial. She is one of America’s greatest modern creations. Her decades in our public life must not blind us to the fact that she represents new realities and possibilities. Indeed, those same decades have conferred upon her what newness usually lacks: judgment, and even wisdom.” — Laurene Powell Jobs writing the tribute to Clinton after Time chose the presidential candidate as one of the world’s “100 Most Influential People,” April 27-May 4 double issue. Journalists Act Like... continue reading
Gleefully Hyping Hillary’s Vacuous Campaign Launch “She’s in! Hillary Clinton makes it official....Twitter, lighting up with the announcement. Check this out: retweeted three million times the first hour, trending number one across the globe.” — Anchor Tom Llamas on ABC’s World News Tonight , April 12. “Yesterday she stopped at a Chipotle, a campaign aide sharing with us that she had a chicken burrito bowl with black beans and guacamole and an iced tea. And you know what that kind of detail tells you — it says, ‘She’s just like us. She eats at Chipotle.’” — Correspondent Brianna Keilar on... continue reading
Slamming “Hardline” “Right-Wing” Ted Cruz “Mr. Cruz’s tenure in Washington has been marked by accusations of demagogy. He sometimes deploys the soaring diction of a preacher while staking out uncompromising and rigid conservative positions, often playing the role of political flamethrower.” — New York Times correspondents Nick Corasaniti and Patrick Healy, March 24. “How are you, with that hardline conservative message, going to appeal to moderates and independents? Nobody gets elected without appealing to them.” — ABC’s Jon Karl to Cruz in an interview clip shown on Good Morning America , March 24. “You have detractors, not only across the... continue reading
Media Haters vs. Hillary Clinton “Early in 2016 Race, Clinton’s Toughest Foe Appears to Be the News Media” — Headline over New York Times reporter Patrick Healy’s March 12 story. “The media, they hate her the most, okay? More than my party. They hate her. And even the most respected journalists said, you know, ‘Oh, the Clintonian penchant for secrecy is back.’ They have Clinton PTSD from the last Clinton presidency. They are done with her.” — Co-host Nicolle Wallace, an ex-GOP campaign strategist, on ABC’s The View , March 11. vs . “If you were a man, today, would... continue reading
Outraged by Giuliani’s Criticism of Obama “When a leading Republican — who once ran for President, by the way, and was a serious candidate — says something like the President doesn’t love America, is he a divider and not a uniter, as George W. Bush might say?...I mean, it was hateful. It was a hateful remark....This was a personal insult to the President of the United States.” — Fill-in anchor Gloria Borger to former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge on CNN’s State of the Union , February 22. Moderator Chuck Todd: “This week’s race to the bottom, led by former New... continue reading
Delaying Obama’s Amnesty = Putting History on Hold “The showdown over immigration takes a dramatic turn: A last-minute ruling dashes American dreams for millions of families under the threat of deportation.” — Fill-in anchor Lester Holt opening the NBC Nightly News , February 17. “Tomorrow was supposed to be a historic day for millions of illegal immigrants. They would be able to begin to apply for legal status under immigration reform that President Obama implemented by executive action over the objections of Congress, but a federal judge’s ruling has now put all of that on hold.” — CBS Evening News... continue reading
Helpful Journalists Advise GOP to Ditch Conservatives “Republicans should stay out of Iowa altogether. What happens to them is that they get pushed so far to the right in those venues that it gives them a terrible time in the general election.” — Cokie Roberts on ABC’s This Week , January 25. “The Republicans keep — in many, many ways, are their own worst enemies. They go so far to the right in order to out-conservative everybody else.” — New York Times correspondent Helene Cooper on NBC’s Meet the Press , January 25. “We cover it because not only is... continue reading
As If Media Bias Had Nothing to Do with It “He [President Obama] got the post-election honeymoon, not the Republicans.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd on Nightly News before the State of the Union on January 20. Obama vs. Republican “Pettiness” and “Disrespect” “That one odd moment that a lot of people are talking about this morning, Mr. Vice President, where the President was talking about having arguments that are worthy of the body and the country, and then he said, ‘I’ve run my last campaign,’ and there was a smattering of applause, maybe even laughter from some Republicans and the... continue reading