Notable Quotables

GOP = “Far-Right” “Hardline” Hostage Takers “Congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan now says he’s willing to run for Speaker of the House, but with conditions. Ryan wants Republicans to unite behind him by Friday, including the far-right members of the party.” — ABC’s Tom Llamas on the October 21 Good Morning America . “That turns the tables on hardline conservatives who were hoping to extract concessions from their next Speaker in exchange for their support.... [Ryan] is seen as one of the only people who can unite his fractured party after hardliners threatened to force out the... continue reading
NBC Helps Hillary with Hour of Sycophantic Softballs “I’m very distressed about the recent mass shooting last week in Oregon, and frankly a bit ashamed about the uncontrollable gun violence in our country....I would like to know, as President, what specifically you would do for gun control?” “Secretary Clinton, you’ve had a lot of tough questions this morning. This may be the toughest one you get all day. But many years ago we saw another Clinton at his inauguration play an instrument and have a song. What song or instrument would you play at yours?” “In order to make government... continue reading
NBC News Asks the Hard-Hitting Questions About Hillary “What’s she like as a grandmother? I mean, paint us a picture of Hillary Clinton at home, hanging out, talking baby talk....You say she sings. Does she have a good voice?” — NBC’s Savannah Guthrie to Chelsea Clinton, September 15 Today . Softballs to Hillary on E-Mails: “You’ve Been Transparent” “You talked a lot about transparency, that, when you think about trust, there’s been a lot of talk about that in your campaign and voters having questions, they have questions. Maybe related to this, trust and transparency are related, you’ve been transparent... continue reading
ABC’s Muir Serves Up Hardballs for Hillary “I want to know, in your most private of moments, is there ever an instance when you ask yourself, ‘why am I doing this again?’... Is your mother’s voice in your ear and give me one line that you repeat to yourself?” — World News Tonight anchor David Muir to Hillary Clinton, September 8. Smearing GOP as Terrorists = “Coming Out Swinging” “In the swing state of Ohio, Hillary Clinton coming out swinging, comparing Republicans to terrorists on women’s issues.” — ABC reporter Cecilia Vega on World News Tonight , August 27. Nothing... continue reading
TV “News” Anchor Berates Trump Over Immigration Plan “So here’s the problem with your immigration plan. It’s full of empty promises. You cannot deport eleven million undocumented immigrants. You cannot deny citizenship to the children in this country....My other question is: How are you going to build up 1,900 miles of wall?...It’s a completely unnecessary waste of time and money and resources.” — Univision anchor Jorge Ramos to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at an August 25 press conference broadcast live on several cable news channels. Rest of the Media Gives Ramos a Platform for His Activism “He has to... continue reading
CNN Anchors Lobby on Behalf of Planned Parenthood “Why do you want to defund Planned Parenthood?....Why not try to fix the organization, from your perspective, and allow all of these women to get the services that they have relied on at these 800 clinics, Planned Parenthood clinics, around the country?” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul on Wolf , July 30. “Those videos have been maligned by both sides as being selectively edited and showing something that is legal and a ongoing practice....What is done in terms of using tissue for research and being reimbursed is... continue reading
Trump’s Rise = Another Reason to Deplore Conservatives “Republicans who are now demanding that he desist are mostly hypocrites. John McCain himself, after all, enabled and legitimized those Trump partisans he now dismisses as ‘crazies’ by putting Sarah Palin on the ticket in 2008....The GOP can blame the media all it wants, but the party has no one to blame but itself for weaponizing Trump.” — New York magazine’s Frank Rich, July 22. “Is this a reap-what-you-sow issue here for the Republican Party?...A lot of you did one-on-one meetings courting Donald Trump back in 2011 after he dropped out, during... continue reading
One Week = Irreversible Lefty “Transformation” “It was a fabulous week. But what Barack Obama has really achieved is that goal he enunciated in an interview with a Reno, Nevada newspaper seven and a half years ago, to be a transformative President, like Reagan, unlike Bill Clinton. And when you look at the Affordable Health Care Act, the stimulus, a potential deal with Iran, the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact, some immigration actions — history will determine whether he’s a great or near-great President, but he is clearly a transformative President.” — Bloomberg’s Al Hunt on PBS’s Charlie Rose , June 29... continue reading
Hurray for the Court! “ObamaCare 2, Conservatives 0!” “‘ObamaCare 2, conservatives 0’ is the score right now. This is the second huge challenge trying to tear down the Affordable Care Act using the Supreme Court, and once again its Chief Justice, John Roberts, crushing the hopes of conservatives....Chief Justice John Roberts, a very staunchly conservative Chief Justice — he’s been very conservative on affirmative action, and on other matters — for the second time, rescuing a liberal President’s signature legislative accomplishment.” — ABC News correspondent Terry Moran during live coverage of the Supreme Court ruling, June 25. Anchor Wolf Blitzer:... continue reading
Exposing Marco Rubio’s Notorious Criminal Past “According to a search of the Miami-Dade and Duval County court dockets, the Rubios have been cited for numerous infractions over the years for incidents that included speeding, driving through red lights and careless driving. A review of records dating back to 1997 shows that the couple had a combined 17 citations: Mr. Rubio with four and his wife with 13....Mr. Rubio’s troubles behind the wheel predate his days in politics....” — From a June 6 New York Times story by correspondents Alan Rappeport and Steve Eder, “Plenty of Notice for Rubios on the... continue reading