Senior Researcher - MRC TechWatch

The Media Research Center, a conservative media analysis non-profit, is seeking a Senior Researcher to help create and input data into a database of Big Tech censorship of conservatives. Please send resume, cover letter and writing samples to: Vice President for TechWatch, Business and Culture Dan Gainor,

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Candidate will be responsible for helping create database, entering data accurately into a database, checking other data entries, finding instances of censorship, writing stories, keeping in contact with tech companies and posting content online.

Required Experience & Education: 

The new and exciting opportunity requires journalism experience, online/social media/tech/tech policy understanding, research experience and an attention to detail. Solid understanding of social media required. Familiarity with news and news organizations helpful. AP Style, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive knowledge required. Research experience essential. Can be in office or remote.

MRC Techwatch
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