Political Director

The Political Director is responsible for developing and executing the political action efforts of the organization.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Manage MRC’s rapid response efforts, monitoring the news cycle for opportunities for immediate reaction through grassroots and social media campaigns, press releases, open letters, and other tactics to bring media bias into the public policy discussion

  • Establish alliances with political and conservative organizations as a means to maximize the effectiveness of the MRC and advance the conservative agenda;

  • Work with individuals and groups whose efforts uphold conservative ideals;

  • Monitor the conservative movement, news sources and MRC divisions to discover opportunities for political action, then bring these opportunities to the attention of appropriate individuals within and outside of MRC;

  • Leverage the efforts of each MRC division by combining forces internally and with outside organizations


Required Experience & Education: 

No less than five years of experience in activism, communications, lobbying, public relations, grassroots, coalition building, or political campaigns. Personal relationships with national conservative organizations and political figures. A college degree; a graduate degree is a plus.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  

  • Intuitive understanding of the political, public policy, and media environment, especially issues which can be addressed immediately and which will have impact for MRC on social media and among grassroots activists;

  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of public relations, including traditional PR as well as social media applications;

  • Ability to work across departments, coordinating seamlessly with internal peers and outside PR firm;

  • In-depth knowledge of politics, political leaders and how MRC’s work impacts the public policy process;

  • In-depth knowledge of social media, including all major platforms, with the ability to affect public policy with them


Internal and External Relationships:

  • Must have an excellent understanding of how the various departments work together within the MRC team

  • Must have a basic understanding of and dedication to the conservative movement-- networking events, key players, and key allies

Administration & Communications
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