Under the Dome: The Monarch's Time is Near

There are only two episodes left in the summer series “Under the Dome,” but Sheriff Linda has yet to figure out that a badge doesn’t mean much in a lawless anarchy. When she has to respond to a call that Julia has been shot (!!!) and is in critical condition, she finds out her gas tank has been siphoned and she has to borrow a car. Who shot Julia? Well, Big Jim would have them believe it’s Barbie, because Barbie is the only one who understands that Big Jim is taking every step to make sure that he becomes dictator of the little kingdom inside the dome. Except most kingdoms have a monarch, who, according to The Dome, will be crowned soon. As Joe, Norrie, Angie, and Junior work on communicating with The Dome in order to figure out what it wants and how to make it disappear, Joe begins to have his suspicions on who that monarch is. Let’s just say Big Jim won’t be happy about the answer.

Speaking of Big Jim, it looks like he has a major part to play in the dismantling of The Dome, albeit a passive one. After a disturbing vision while touching The Dome, the four “key” people realize that it’s about to get gritty when they’re given an instruction. As The Dome let them know in this week’s episode, not doing exactly as it wants leads to some pretty scary situations. So it looks like Big Jim is going to have to fight for his life.