Under the Dome: From Liberty to Anarchy to Tyranny

If viewers aren’t thoroughly enjoying the summer series “Under the Dome,” (which would be crazy, because it’s amazing), at least they’re getting a thorough education in the evolution of government. What started out as a lawful democracy quickly devolved into an anarchy. The citizens of Chester’s Mill couldn’t handle that (like most civilized people), so they quickly clamored for, basically, a dictator. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The people of Chester’s Mill get neither as Big Jim ascends to total domination, killing anyone who stands in his path. Since the citizens are totally dependent on him for their “safety,” as well as resources, they implicitly trust his word against those who actually have integrity and everyone’s best interests at heart.

Linda is a total pawn at this point, if she ever was really independently thinking to begin with. Her deductive skills are highly lacking, and she doesn’t stand up for what’s right – just  whatever she’s told is right. She also needs to go back to the police academy where she would learn not to “trail” someone in a police car in a town where there is zero traffic. Hopefully, based on the end of this episode, she realizes she’s being played and steps up to actually being a law enforcer, or at least stops enabling Big Jim.

The next episode is the season finale! With the military looking for Barbie and Big Jim having nothing to lose and everything to gain – what will happen? Junior still has a mission from The Dome – will he follow through? Is that the key to setting everyone free?