The Soldier Who Should have Won the Courage Award at the ESPYs

I feel bad for myself for having to watch the ESPYs. However, I feel far worse for Danielle Green, who has to share the same stage as Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner. Especially in a year in which Jenner will be the one getting an award for "courage."

Danielle Green was honored with the Pat Tillman Service Award. She joined the Army after her stellar college basketball career, spurred by a strong desire to serve. She lost her right arm in Iraq, had to have her wedding ring retrieved from her detached hand by her comrades at the ambush site, returned home to get an education in counseling for vets, and basically went on to be one of the greatest human beings in the world.

In what warped universe does someone who came from meager beginnings, became a star college athlete, a war hero, and now helps to save vets through counseling, while raising a child of her own, end up losing out in a race for a courage award to a man who decided to self-identify as a woman?

The warped world of ESPN, apparently. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Pat Tillman award. But Danielle Green’s courage makes Bruce Jenner’s “courage” appear, shall we say, small.

Here’s Danielle’s story: