More Marvel!

Good news, fellow Agents of SHIELD fans! We are getting a second season!

This really isn't that surprising based on the ratings. I won't bore you with the details here, but suffice to say, it's kicking butt compared to the Dancing With The Stars.

I must admit I'm curious how this will work since the latest Captain America movie, you know, eliminated the entire agency of SHIELD. Seems like a stretch to go a full season without an organization. At this point, Fitz is right – they are just vigilantes. Somethings gotta give here.

But both this minor detail and the second season pales in comparison to some related news...

Peggy Carter is getting a show!

Do you like accents? Do you like beautiful women? (or for you feminists out there, do you like a strong female lead?) If you answered no to any of these questions GTFO. I for one, however, will be eagerly anticipating this new show, and you should too.