Marvel Agents Aren't Always Who We Think They Are

I don't know about you, but I always find it strange to see someone I know as one thing to be another. It's like when Michael Jordan played with the Washington Wizards after winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls. It's just weird.

Speaking of which, hi, Robin Scherbatzky Cobie Smulders! Good to see you back on television, gurrrl.

It was odd to see Robin Scherbatsky kick butt against US special forces though. Then again, she is Canadian. Friggin' Canucks. Wait. I'm doing it again. Say it with me: Maria Hill, Maria Hill, Maria Hill.

In all (or at least most) seriousness, Cobie Smulders was really good last night. I've only felt so-so about her work in the Marvel movies. Maybe she wasn't comfortable playing a bit part, or maybe the movie script just didn't give her enough to develop a full character, but Smulders' Maria Hill performance on tv blew out her movie Maria Hill efforts. And it wasn't really even close.

Speaking of seeing a character in new light, how about Agent Ward? Wow. What a brilliant performance from Brent Dalton (the actor who portrays Agent Ward). He was fascinating and in my humble opinion (who else's opinion did you want?) spot on in his portrayal of a two-faced man.

I've seen someone go from being one man to another in real life. It's startling, and Dalton pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Ward seemed to sincerely believe that he hadn't done anything wrong. He bought into the line that he was just following orders - just doing a job.

Interestingly enough, this is the same line that Nazi soldiers used after WWII to justify their part in the Holocaust. Skye even sort of made this connecting when she pointed out that Hydra has its roots in Nazi Germany.

But back to Ward. Despite his utter betrayal of her, he still cared about Skye. He genuinely didn't want Skye to get hurt and was upset when Quinn shot her.  I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but there might still be some hope for Ward. I think we are (eventually) going to see a Ward redemption story line.

Why? Because of Skye. Clearly, he still cares for her. He also does not care for Deathlok (Mike Peterson).*  I think Skye's decision to save Ward is going to be a turning point in Ward's psyche. It will take more heartlessness from Hydra and in particular Agent Garrett and more selflessness from Skye, but mark it down, Ward gets redeemed.

Oh, one more thing. Tahiti. Coulson. Huh...

*Making someone go into cardiac arrest does generally damage a relationship.