Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Media Research CenterI think the first two scenes from this week's episode some up the entire ethos of Suits . One good and one bad, we are exposed (literally in the first scene) to the yin and the yang of the show.

In the first scene, Mike is getting dressed to go to work early, but lovey-dovey Rachel doesn't want him to leave. My lead words won't be able to give Rachel's sultry undressing the proper description it deserves, but basically the result is you get a full view of her from the back in nothing but her underpants (not underwear, cause she wasn't wearing anything upstairs).  I know Suits has had some racy scenes before, but this seemed to push it to a whole new nadir.

In the second scene, Harvey picks up Donna from her apartment in the morning.  You must watch the video below to fully appreciate the witty banter. If I may say so, (and I may because I'm the blogger here) the back and forth between Harvey and Donna was the apex of the banter.  I'd give you more, but I'd ruin it. Watch the video. You'll thank  me later.

 So there you have it: mountain top and valley; soaring wit and baudy humor; and all in the span of two minutes. Oh, and the season finale comes next week with the whole merger up in the air after their oil company client fires and then sues them for malpractice. So that should be fun.