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Bill Maher Asks If Abortion Is Responsible for Less Crime

But creator of American Crime suggests many other factors, not abortion, for dropping crime rates.
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MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Today’s Selma March Is For ‘Reproductive Rights’

At 50th anniversary of civil rights march, host says it has evolved for Planned Parenthood supporters.
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'Sharknado 3' to Star Ann Coulter as Vice President

Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter will run the ‘Sharknado 3’ government.
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We Asked CPAC Attendees: In One Word, How Do Liberals Portray Women?

Liberal media is anything but empowering to women.
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Media Celebrate Motherhood on the Runway

Media celebrate even motherhood of the unborn on the runway.
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NARAL Prez: Abortion about ‘Freedom, Equality, Self-determination’

Cosmo details how to ‘get’ Ilyse Hogue’s life.
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PBS Documentary Glamorizes ‘Right-to-Die’

Tax-funded PBS normalizes euthanasia.
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Media Applaud Pampers’ Heartwarming Ad Celebrating Unborn Babies

Pampers releases ad of babies’ and parents’ ‘firsts.’
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Women Conceived in Rape or Who Had Abortions Speak Out at March for Life

Pro-life women speak out against media’s treatment of them.
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