Conservatives Against Online Censorship

Conservatives Against Online Censorship

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Here’s the Problem

Conservatives are under attack. Conservatives face an existential crisis as social media giants in collusion with the radical left root out and silence conservative speech on their platforms and across the Internet. This is the worst threat to free speech our country has ever faced.

The future of the conservative movement depends on our ability to communicate our message. If Facebook, Twitter, and Google censor conservatives on the Internet, the modern day public square, everything conservatives have fought for is at risk. The Left will control the narrative. The Internet is truly the new battleground for liberal media bias.

In April 2018, the Media Research Center released a groundbreaking report exposing efforts to censor conservatives and silence conservative speech from major online platforms. Our report was so impactful that US Representatives on the House Judiciary Committee cited it four separate times during a July 17, 2018 congressional hearing.

Our project reveals two concerns. 1) Online censorship is a very real and dangerous problem, the ramifications of which are far more troubling than many conservatives realize. 2) The problem is so dangerous that the MRC must take a stand against it.

Now — together with a Coalition of more than 40 conservative organizations — the MRC is letting tech giants know that we will not be silenced. We need the force of the entire conservative movement to win this battle.

Our Mission

The coalition of Conservatives Against Online Censorship protects the free speech of conservatives online. We fight for transparency on social media and demand equal footing for conservatives on Twitter, Facebook, Google and the other platforms. We defend the incredible and revolutionary ideal of free speech in which American democracy is rooted.

We actively work with tech companies to ensure that they are protecting conservative speech online and that the radical left does not contaminate the national online dialogue with their bias.


"Voices are being silenced, opinions are being censored and conservative media are being suppressed. These tech companies claim they provide platforms to connect people and share ideas. However, when the only ideas permitted are from one side, any prospect of intellectual discourse dies. If these platforms merely serve as an echo chamber of liberal talking points, everyone loses."L. Brent Bozell III | President, Media Research Center

"We have heard discussions about 'insurance policies' to hinder the Trump administration. I believe that one of the insurance policies being utilized by the progressive socialist left, via social media tech companies, is censorship. Constitutional conservatives are experiencing techniques such as 'shadow banning' in order to suppress their opposing views, thoughts, and perspectives. Even congressional candidates like Elizabeth Heng, along with Rep. Marsha Blackburn, have had to fight certain social media companies to stop banning their political advertisements, censored because of subjective reasoning. Perhaps the problem is that, as Campus Reform showed us recently, at Columbia University, students could not name any of our first amendment rights -- one of which is freedom of speech. If freedom of speech means accepted speech to the progressive socialist left, America has a great problem."Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West | Member 112th US Congress, Senior Fellow, Media Research Center

Why Conservatives Are Fighting Against Online Censorship

With the future of American conservatism hanging in the balance on the outcome of the fight against online censorship, the MRC needs the entire conservative movement with us to win.

The Media Research Center — which has more than 30 years experience taking on liberal media bias — is uniquely positioned to lead the charge against this new and pernicious attack from the Left.

The coalition is made up of more than 40 conservative organizations, each committed to protecting conservative speech in America, both online and offline. These organizations are fighting to preserve the American Founders’ ideal of free speech.

How to Join the Coalition

To sign on as a coalition member, please submit your request through our contact form, and our External Affairs team will be in touch ASAP.

Coalition Partners

Our Successes

Our initiative against online censorship forcefully inserts this critical issue into the national spotlight. Already, the coalition is succeeding in the battle to protect conservative speech online.

Congressional Hearings

In April, following the release of the MRC’s groundbreaking report, which documented social media bias against conservatives, the House Judiciary Committee held hearings to investigate instances of censorship against conservatives on major online platforms. Congressman Smith (R-TX 21) and Congressman Goodlatte (R-VA 6) referenced the MRC’s report four times during the livestreamed portion of the hearing.

Meetings with Tech Company Leaders

MRC President Brent Bozell and coalition representatives have met numerous times with officials from Facebook, Google, and Twitter to discuss our concerns and work towards solutions that protect conservative speech online.

September 1 Deadline

The coalition established a deadline of September 1 for tech companies to release blueprints of their plans to safeguard free speech and guarantee that conservative speech is protected on social media platforms.

Download the Censorship Report!

Take some time to read through this fascinating exposé and learn how you are being targeted by liberal social media giants.

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