Alina Cho Departs CNN: A Recap of Her Worst Bias at the Network

Longtime CNN reporter Alina Cho is no longer with the network. During her time at CNN that began in 2004, she could be embarrassingly soft to liberals and Democrats like Bill Clinton and the Obama family.

Below is some of Cho's worst bias at CNN:

Cho hailed the Obamas as the "royal family of the United States" in April of 2009, and gushed over Europe's "apparent love affair" with Michelle Obama.

In 2010, Cho visited North Korea but her report amounted to little more than a state propaganda piece that highlighted a state-sanctioned amusement park, trains that "appear to be running on time," and citizens on cell phones.

Cho sounded tremulous fawning over Bill Clinton's humanitarian accomplishments in a 2011 interview with the former president. "What keeps you going?" she asked in amazement of Clinton "working tirelessly to make a difference."

Cho did her best to soften up Rahm Emanuel's image in a syrupy report in December of 2008 on the then-Chief-of-Staff-designate. Quoting Emanuel's rabbi, she relayed how he is seen as "really just a nice guy, intensely spiritual, even polite."

In defense of nanny state policy, Cho found a "good argument" to back Mayor Bloomberg's large soda ban in New York City: the city's own advertisement against drinking soda daily.

Cho gushed over Newark's Democratic Mayor Cory Booker taking the "food stamp challenge." "I love this story," she admitted.

-- Matt Hadro is a News Analyst at the Media Research Center